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How to utilize the final 45 days before NEET PG- A topper’s perspective

Oct 19, 2016

NEET PG exam is very close. How you utilize this time will decide whether you get a PG seat of your choice or not.

To help you make the best choices for time allocation in the last 45 days we bring you tips from one of our successful alumni Dr. Vinay Goel.

Dr. Vinay was a student at PrepLadder last year. He achieved rank 276 in AIPGMEE 2016 in his first attempt (the attempt that he took while he was still an intern). He then joined MD Radio-diagnosis at Pt. JNM Medical College (Dr. BR Ambedkar Memorial hospital).

He also attempted AIIMS PG May 2016 while being a 1st year Radiology resident and achieved rank 29.


He has always done a commendable job at managing his study time properly and clearing PGMEE, even though he was busy with internship or residency work.

Following are some tips from Dr. Vinay on how to utilize your final 45 days effectively to clear NEET PG.


PrepLadder: Hello Dr. Vinay, please share some tips on how to utilize the final 45 days before NEET PG. 

Dr. Vinay:

Well this must be a hot topic of discussion among NEET PG aspirants and I am sure that adrenaline will be rushing through your veins to clear this hurdle.

Firstly, this is the time to stop learning new things and start brushing up your knowledge by turning back the pages of your notes.

There’s no point starting new topics right now since you end up getting confused and bewildered. Further, you will also forget already memorized information.

By now, you must be aware of your weak subjects and the strong ones. So, you need to revise your weak subjects at the beginning.

For instance, if a student is weak in Pharmacology, revise it first in 3-4 days and then go through it once again a week before the exam.

This will certainly boost up your knowledge and retention.


PrepLadder: Kindly elaborate on the importance of framing a Revision Plan? Also share an appropriate Revision Plan?

Dr. Vinay:

Devising a Schedule will help you assign time to all subjects and their important areas.

It will also ensure that no subject is skipped in Revision. 

Although adhering to a Schedule is difficult, however, it ensures that revision is completed on time.

Further, you should also plan the number of hours to be devoted each day to Revision and Practice.

I am listing the Revision Schedule that i followed in the final 45 days before my exam last year.

You can alter the number of days in accordance to your weak areas.

Revision Schedule


Number of Days


2 Days


3 Days


2 Days


3 Days


3 Days


3 Days

Forensic medicine

2 Days


3 Days


2 Days


2 Days


4 Days


4 Days


2 Days

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

3 Days


1 Day


1 Day


1 Day


1 Day

Just go through the Numerical based values, Formulas and IPC codes, Tables of Harrison 2-3 days before exam since these are difficult to retain (skip them in revision). 

As far as images are concerned, you need to devote one full day for it.

PrepLadder: Elaborate on the key to success in NEET PG? 

Dr. Vinay:

In my opinion, something which is really vital to success in NEET PG is consistent and adequate practice.

Merely studying the theoretical part does not guarantee success.

Further. Success cannot be achieved until your efforts are not up to the mark.

Therefore, you need to put in a lot of efforts and practice as many MCQs as possible in the span of last 45 days.

Dedicate at least 6-7 hours each day to solving the MCQs.


PrepLadder: What strategy must be followed in the last 45 days for Revision? 

Dr. Vinay:

In my opinion, 45 days is a very restricted time span.

In order to derive the maximum output from these last 45 Days, your strategy should be to strengthen your strong areas and attain a fair degree of competence in weak areas.

Thoroughly revise all the important key points, concepts and highlights.  Avoid touching new topics at this instant.

Dedicate 6-7 hours to Revision and 6-7 hours to practice each day.


PrepLadder: Elaborate on the importance of Online Mock Tests in the present scenario? What are the factors on which one must focus while attempting Mock Tests?

Dr. Vinay:

Mock Tests are vital to success in NEET PG. They help you gauge your preparation level throughout the preparation.

Further, they will help you in developing acquaintance to the Software Platform.

A key factor is to review performance after each Mock Test and analyze strengths and weaknesses.  Attempt at least 1 Full-Length Mock Test each day in the last 45 days.

Further, you must aim to gradually boost your performance by rectifying your mistakes.

You must emphasize on factors such as Speed and Accuracy while attempting Mock Tests since they are the ultimate drivers of success.

In order to attain a fairly good Speed and Accuracy, attempt 2-3 Speed Tests each day.


PrepLadder: Please elaborate on the best approach which one can follow in the last 45 days for Revision? 

Dr. Vinay:

In my opinion, one must adhere to a combination approach since you can solve up to 9000 MCQs in 45 Days through this technique.

You can revise 50 questions with explanations each day which would help you attain a thorough learning of 2250 questions in 45 days.

Further, you can solve 100 questions each day through Mock Test Practice which will help you cover 4500 MCQs till the exam.

Further, you can cover 40 questions each day through Rapid Online Revision which will help you cover 1800 MCQs.

This technique will help you cover 190 MCQs each day and more than 8500 MCQs in 45 days.

This technique will prove highly efficient since it will facilitate revision in all the three modes.


PrepLadder: What message do you want to convey to the aspirants? 

Dr. Vinay:

My message to all the aspirants is to put in their 100% effort and concentration to preparation. Remain calm and do not succumb to exam pressure.

Smart work, perseverance, determination and Self-Confidence will surely help you achieve a good rank. Remember, we don’t grow when things are easy; we grow when we face challenges.


We are hopeful that Dr. Vinay’s views will surely guide you on how to utilize the last 45 days to the fullest for NEET PG Preparation and help you achieve a good rank in NEET PG.

All the Best!