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Important Topics in Anesthesia for NEET-PG

Nov 30, 2018

Important Topics in Anesthesia for NEET-PG

Anesthesia is one of the easiest and most scoring subjects. Students can’t afford to get Anesthesia questions wrong since it will adversely affect their ranking. Anesthesia questions form a part of Surgery questions in NEET-PG.

Usually, 4-5 questions are expected from this subject in the upcoming exam. With a view to make your neet pg preparations more effective for Anesthesia, we approached India's top faculty of Anesthesia, Dr. Sameer Zahid to familiarize you with the most important topics from NEET-PG 2024 perspective.

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Important Topics In Anesthesia

Inhalational AgentsHalothane, Isoflurane, sevoflurane desflurane, N2O
Intravenous AgentsTheopentonePropafol Ketamine Etomidate
Neuromuscular BlockerSuccinylcholine
Airway DevicesEndotracheal tube Supra Infraglottic Laryngeal Mask Airway
CircuitsMapelson Circuits
Anaesthesia MachineColour Coding Pin Index and Semi closed circuitsDISS Colour coding of cylinder
Local AnaestheticsLignocaineBupivacaine
Central Neuroxical BlockadeSpinal Anaesthesia Epidural Anaesthesia
Epidural AnalgesisLabour Analgesia Post-operative Analgesia
Intravenous fluidsCrystalloid & Colloids
Oxygen therapyNasal CannulasFace mask NDMB, DMB
CPCRBCLS ASA classification MPC classification ACLS

Besides the topics mentioned above, students should also solve all the image-based questions and go through the below-listed topics in detail:

  • Monitoring in Anaesthesia - Mandatory monitors and bis monitoring.
  • Important points of IV and Inhalational anaesthetics.
  • Regional anaesthesia - spinal and epidural
  • Local anaesthetics
  • Brain death

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