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Medical PG Preparation Plan For Post Interns : A Must Read For Every Aspirant

Mar 14, 2022

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When should you appear for the exam?

Medical PG Preparation: A Systematic Study Plan For Post Interns

Allotted Time for Reading Each Subject

Breaks During Medical PG Preparation

Medical PG Preparation Plan for Post Interns

When should you appear for the exam?

Before you ask anyone this question or make a decision based on popular beliefs, you should evaluate to what extent you are prepared for a given Medical PG exam (INI CET, NEET-PG). If your score in your last attempt was satisfactory and you have checked off most of the things on your list, you should appear for the upcoming exam after a thorough revision. In case your previous score wasn’t good enough and you don’t have absolute faith in your preparation, channel your energy into giving your best in the year-end exams.

However, if you want to appear for the upcoming NEET PG, you should devote the last ten days before the exam to revision (by making the most of Rapid Revision) and appear for it without compromising with your existing study flow.

Medical PG Preparation: A Systematic Study Plan For Post Interns

PrepLadder’s Dream Team has divided all the nineteen subjects into five groups. This division aims at making your preparation methodical. There is an evident overlap of topics, and clubbing of subjects with the same topics can save you a lot of time. Considering this, the experts at PrepLadder came up with a plan that will make you more efficient than ever before.

Module Based Learning, recently introduced as a part of Dream Pack 4.0, will further make your plan more systematized and well-structured.



There is an overlap of topics in Medicine and Pediatrics. The same holds true for Pharmacology and Anesthesia. Beginning your journey with Pathology and Pharmacology will lay a strong foundation for commencing the voyage.

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Allotted Time for Reading Each Subject

To make things more systematic, the experts have provided the number of days to be devoted to studying each subject. While giving this plan, we consider that you have begun walking on the road of Medical PG preparation

In this phase, you should read well, watch the video lectures on the PrepLadder app, read the notes planned and developed by the best educators across the country, practice questions from PrepLadder’s extensive question bank, and solve topic-wise mock-tests. It is crucial to systematically cover every topic, followed by practical revision sessions using the most promising revision tools-Rapid, Revision, and Snapshot.


Subject Number of Days


SubjectNumber of Days


SubjectNumber of Days


Subject Number of Days
Forensic Medicine3


Subject Number of Days

If you think studying Anatomy in the initial phase can take up a lot of your time, you can make it a part of Group 5 instead of Group 2.

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Breaks During Medical PG Preparation

You know how the human body and mind work. And you understand the importance of taking breaks. However, it would help if you refrained from randomly taking a break whenever you feel like it. Also, not studying at all for a couple of days after studying a lot for a few days can disrupt your flow. You can instead divide your day into two halves and plan to take a break in one of the halves of a day. Plan every break well in advance so that you don’t end up wasting your precious time.

Moreover, it would be best to take some time for meditation, exercise, and leisure activities. If you feel refreshed mentally, it becomes convenient to diligently stick to your schedule.

It is essential to make a plan and be determined to follow it every day. Also, you need to constantly monitor your performance to ensure that you are moving forward with every lesson and every test.

When you choose the right resource for your preparation, half the battle is won. Choose the right path before you commence one of the most important academic journeys of your life.

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