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Rapid Revision 3.0: Perfection Perfected | Launching on 13th September

Aug 31, 2021

Hello Dreamer!

We know how to ensure increased levels of happy hormones by giving you the good news that will take your Medical PG preparation to the next level. PrepLadder is launching Rapid Revision 3.0 & Snapshot 3.0 on 13th September’21, which will be included in the 2021 dream pack.

In an attempt to make your revision journey smoother and your learning experience better than ever before, we have included the features you secretly wished for.

We aim at perfection and don’t stop even after having achieved it. So, this is our version of ‘perfection perfected.’ Keeping our promise of always staying a step ahead, our teams collaborated to add new features that you will love to make the most of.

Features of Rapid Revision  3.0

1. Videos:

180 hours of video content of topics from all the 19 subjects, await you to hit the start button. Every minute that goes into watching our videos, takes you a minute closer to your destination. The videos are more detailed than ever before and have been updated with detailed information on the high-yielding topics covered in the previous years’ question papers. The only content that should keep you glued to your laptop or phone screens is on the PrepLadder app as it includes the latest exams’ relevant updates.

2. QBank:

Our analysis, research, and interviews always bring us to the conclusion that there is no replacement for practicing multiple-choice questions and taking mock tests. So we raised the bar by increasing the number of questions to 2500 so that when you sit down to work on your speed and accuracy, there is no dearth of material for practice. We go the way the winds of the recent trends blow and therefore, more clinical questions await you in the question bank. We have not only added to the number of question marks but have also included all the important information related to the topics covered in the questions.

When you know everything that was asked in the previous years, you are more confident to attempt the questions framed when it is your turn to be in the hot seat. The team, therefore, did not miss out on any previous years’ questions. And it does not end here, the teams walked an extra mile by adding active guidance for highlighting the important points. The deal gets better than your best imaginations as now, the questions are tagged with treasures for a holistic understanding of the subject.

3. Notes:

If you find it inconvenient to go back to the video lectures and watch the complete videos to find, read, and revise some specific points, then quit worrying because we have taken that inconvenience off your plate! We have compiled the notes in a systematic way to help you ensure quick revision of the important topics.

Maps came into existence to make human lives easier and while Google Maps sometimes do otherwise, our maps guarantee 100% convenience and rapid revision. The teams have designed maps to ensure the integration of the topics that are crucial to multiple subjects. So, now you don’t have to pile up 10 books, leave bookmarks, and fold multiple pages. Because when we said that we had got you covered, we meant it! These maps have been laid out to cover the topics which have their branches extended in different subjects.

Moreover, we have developed concept ladders that aim at explaining significant concepts, one step at a time. As you climb these, your conceptual knowledge gets enhanced in the best possible way.

Features of Snapshots 3.0

1. Videos:

50+ hours of video content has been exclusively planned and shot to include discussions on image-based questions. We want to make sure that these questions don’t begin to haunt you and in fact, become your best companions, your key strength. Every possible question related to images that can arise and make you run for your books is covered elaborately.

2. Notes:

The snapshots for image based-questions previously did not include answers. However, we constantly strive to get better and give you whatever you seek. We have added answers to all the questions along with strategically compiled notes. We don’t want you to go through the hassle of maintaining separate notebooks for revision and eventually end up giving up on the idea because it is a lot of work. We also don’t want you to feel that the word revision has been robbed of its actual meaning. Revision is a part of the last phase of the preparation journey and, therefore, should allow you to go through all the subjects. The 3.0 versions of the app features promise just that.

High definition images leave no room for zooming in and concise notes leave no room for wastage of your valuable time.

The improved versions of the app features allow the users to go through the notes based on the video lectures, without having to watch the videos. 

With just a few days left, you must keep the books on the shelves and turn to our notes that have everything you have been looking for.

We promised rapid revision and now, we are keeping the word better than ever before, ensuring that your revision process is every bit rapid.

Revise it all quicker than you imagined and march your way to success better than you dreamt!

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