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The Spectrum of Disease and The Iceberg Phenomenon - NEET PG PSM

Mar 28, 2023

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Below Poverty Line (BPL) Criteria

Time Distribution of Disease

Types of Epidemics

Control of Disease 

Levels of Prevention of Disease


Spectrum of Disease




Sullivan index

DALY (Disability Adjusted Life Years)




Previous Year Questions

Q. Food poisoning is an example of?                       (FMGE Dec 2017)

Q. A well of contaminated water resulting in an epidemic of acute watery diarrhea is a typical example of?                                 (FMGE June 2018)

Q. On Republic Day, a camp was organized, and people were screened for HTN by checking BP and for DM by checking their BMI and blood sugar level, level of prevention is? (FMGE Dec 2019)

Q. A man came for a checkup after his father had a cerebrovascular accident due to hypertension. What type of prevention is this?                                     (FMGE Aug 2020)

Q. Interval between primary and secondary cases is known as?                    (NEET 2018)

Q. Long term changes/ sequelae of a disease are seen in?                           (FMGE Aug 2020)

Q. Counseling and Screening is done for Tuberculosis is an HIV positive patient at ICTC center (NACP program). This is which level of prevention?                                     (FMGE June 2022)

Q. TB sputum assessment comes under which type of mode of prevention?      (FMGE June 2022)

Q. A person working in an industry lost his hand. He is unable to do his daily activities including writing and machine working. Which is an Impairment In this guy?               (FMGE June 2022)

Spectrum of Disease and The Iceberg Phenomenon
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