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2 Months Revision Plan for NEET-PG 2019

Oct 23, 2018

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NEET-PG 2019 is scheduled to be held on 6 January 2019. As the exam is approaching near, it is a high time to burn the midnight oil for getting a desired rank. We are sure you might have completed or are about to complete the syllabus atleast once. Now is the time to focus on revision. Revision is the most significant part of any exam preparation and it is very important to remember what you have studied. It is imperative to do effective revision owing to the vast syllabus and lot of information that needs to be memorized. Avoid reading anything new in these last months and your ultimate focus should be on revision. In this blog, PrepLadder experts have prepared 60 days revision plan in order simplifying your revision for NEET-PG. This blog will also familiarize you with the revision strategies needed to get a seat in your dream institute.

2 Months Revision Plan for NEET-PG

The revision plan has been compiled by our top faculty, considering the intellect of an average student. Block-I
Subject Days Date
Anatomy 3 10 Days
Physiology 2
Biochemistry 3
Catch up (MCQ Practice & Test) 2
Subject Days Total Days
Pathology 3 12 Days
Pharmacology 3
Microbiology 2
Forensic Medicine 1
Catch up (MCQ Practice & Test) 3
Subject Days Total Days
Ophthalmology 2 10 Days
Catch up (MCQ Practice & Test) 3
Subject Days Total Days
Medicine 5 13 Days
Psychiatry 1
Dermatology 1
Pediatrics 1
Catch up (MCQ Practice & Test) 5
Subject Days Total Days
Surgery 4 days 15 days
Orthopaedics 1 day
Anaesthesia 1 day
Radiology 1 day
Gynaecology & Obstetrics 3 days
Catch up (MCQ Practice &Test) 5 days

Revision Strategies for NEET-PG

a) Prioritize subjects according to the weight-age Spend majority of the time on the subjects which are high-yielding and are most expected in the exam. Emphasize more on revising the subjects with higher weight-age. Carefully analyze the previous year’s papers for the weightage. b) Revise from notes Notes are very helpful at the time of revision. Revise from your notes and in case of any confusion, refer to the textbooks. Notes help in longer retention of the information and also helps in simplifying the revision. Don’t refer to new books at this time as that will only create confusion. Just focus on the books that you referred to during the preparation. If you’re aiming for NEET-PG 2020, must read: How to make high yield notes during Medical PG preparation c) Refer to PrepLadder’s Revison Plan Refer to the above 5 blocks plan made by our experts. These blocks are customizable according to the individual’s strengths and weaknesses. It is recommended to take Subject-wise Tests after finishing the revision of each subject of the block. d) Practice, practice & practice Practicing mock tests and MCQs are crucial to succeed in the examination. You must attempt subject-wise tests after revising a specific topic. It helps in gaining an edge over a topic and to become proficient in your concepts. According to the experts, attempt at least 2 full length mocks per week in October, 3 full length mocks per week in November and so on. Sincerely attempt the full length mock tests and evaluate yourself to increase your score in the subsequent attempts. You can attempt PrepLadder’s free subject wise tests in order to analyze your preparation. Be focused and give your best. Someone has rightly said, “Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success.” Best Wishes Team PrepLadder
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