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The Best Way To Revise Your Syllabus For NEET PG

Jul 23, 2021

How to revise your syllabus for NEET-PG| PrepLadder

The NEET PG exam will be conducted on 11th September 2021. With hardly 2 months to go, it is high time to pull up your socks and start your preparation. Aspirants undergo tenacious and tough preparation, that is why we bring for you an effective strategy on the best way to revise your syllabus for the NEET PG entrance.  

As the aspirants are figuring out several ways to move forward in exam preparation, we will be covering all the essential bits and pieces of the NEET PG exam.

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Let us find out the essential aspects of the syllabus revision.

1. Set Daily Goals

Set your daily goals with prioritization sessions, which means divide the number of hours you can study daily. Keep 10-15 minutes spare to decide daily topics which you have to cover.

When deciding on topics, try to prepare for your weak topics and then other topics. It will not take more than a few questions per topic to understand and focus on your weak and strong areas. Next go to the topics that are a bit easy and then to the easier ones. This is the best way to ensure you put more stress on the tough chapters. 

2. Design A Timetable

Having a well-structured, and proper, study routine will assist you to organize your studies. Your timetable should be feasible and realistic, otherwise, you won’t be able to follow it. 

Thus, consider your coaching hours, college timings, convenience, needs, strengths, and weaknesses while designing your NEET PG preparation timetable. Moreover, keep in mind the syllabus covering time and plan accordingly. Set up daily, weekly and monthly goals. Try to allocate separate time for your weak concepts.

3. Prepare With The Right Study Material

Understanding the concepts for the exam along with practicing the problems will guide aspirants to a better path and result. All medical graduates seeking postgraduate medical admissions to postgraduate must read the best books for NEET-PG 2021 preparation.

Candidates are advised to refer to those study materials that are effective and beneficial for revising thoroughly instead of referring to more advanced books.

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4. Clear Your Basics

Give enough time to clear your basics and concepts, instead of completing everything in a rush. If you are strong in the basics, everything will seem easier to you. 

The various reactions, formulas, and equations, should be at your fingertips. Practice and revise them constantly so that you don’t forget anything during the examination

5. Must Cover Important Topics

By observing previous year’s question papers you can simply know what topics are essential? You need to carefully study the NEET-PG exam pattern and know the marks distribution and weightage of different sections.Obstetrics and Gynecology in total carry a weightage of thirty marks and thus need to be studied in depth. General Medicine, Dermatology & Psychiatry constitute as high as forty-five marks and so does General Surgery!

Also, you can watch detailed lectures on such critical topics whenever you want with PrepLadder. Moreover, you can find clinical essentials, integrated essentials, QBank, Dream Notes, Content by the Dream Team and test series on a single platform.

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6. Daily Plan Execution

You only have control over your actions, i.e your studies and hard work, not the result.

Your strategy is zero if you don’t execute it daily! It is similar to having the best tool and not using it!

There are three main elements of a great execution that you have to fulfill every day:

i) Set daily goals (Maximum 15 minutes)

  • Decide topics to study
  • Hours of study and practice

ii) Focus on effort (10-12 hours)

  • Practice MCQs
  • Daily revision and practice mock tests

iii) Monitor daily progress

  • Number of hours of effort
  • Topics completed and achieved

7. Assess Your Performance Daily

Until and unless you get a clear picture of your performance, you would not be able to know where you are standing! Also, you would not be aware of where you are committing mistakes. If you want to improve and succeed, you have to assess your performance. Practicing NEET-PG mock tests is an accurate way to find out your areas of improvement. Also, you need to cross-check your result of mock tests after every test and then study accordingly.

PrepLadder's NEET-PG mock test series is always a great way for you to better sense the direction of your preparation. Its goal is to improve your score test by test.

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Depression - Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment - NEET PG Psychiatry

8. Clear Your Doubts

If you have any queries regarding any question or topic, get it cleared with the help of your mentors, teachers, or friends! You must enter the examination hall with a calm mind without any doubt in your head. Therefore, use all your time to get all your queries solved. 

Know the value of revision to get admission to the postgraduate program. These above-mentioned strategies are the best way to revise your syllabus for NEET-PG in no time with a strong base for your progress. 

All the best!

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