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"Instill the power of Attitude & Passion in you" by Dr. Apurv Mehra

Aug 27, 2019

Life doesn’t always go the way you want it to, right?

But Attitude and Passion are two such things that have the power to direct your thoughts, your energy and the actions you take.

Someone has rightly said,

“As long as you’ve passion, faith and are willing to work hard, you can do anything you want in this life”

Through this blog, we want to instill the power of attitude and passion among our students through one of the best motivational lectures of Dr. Apurv Mehra.

Dr. Apurv Mehra is a well-respected & expert orthopedic surgeon. He is an outstanding teacher, world-class scholar, and a dedicated mentor. He is famous among his students for his motivating attitude.


To begin with, let us first discuss the 3 pearls of success:

  • Commitment
  • Hard-work
  • Surrender to God

Commitment is the dedication to a cause, activity etc. and hard-work helps us in fulfilling our commitment. And finally when we have given our 100% with full dedication, next is surrender to God i.e let God decide the best recourse.

We all have common 24 hours but the one who makes the best use of those 24 hours can defeat others by his hard-work. If you start doing the same every day for a few years, you will have better success than the talented, intelligent & superior people.

If you can work hard, you can defeat any talent; if you are passionate, you can defeat any talent; and if you have the right attitude, you can defeat any talent.


Dr. Mehra here emphasizes the saying,

“Live by days, your years will become better”

Draw a plan for the next day before you go to sleep a night before. Set small targets each day and you will see the improvement. The multiplication factor you have, the exponential gain you’ll get.

Plan your day, each day matters.

People who know what to do in the day are better planned and hence execute things better. They have clarity in first 15-20 mins., how they will go about the day.

Whatever is your destiny will come to you but for that too you need to work hard.

Focus at this hour and work hard for it. You should have no repentance years later that if you had listened to your parents/ teachers, you would have become what you wanted to become.

The restaurants will be there, movies will be there, friends will be there but what will not be there is the chance you have right now.

At present, just forget about your mobile phone, facebook, whatsApp and just focus on one area- get your directions straight. Study for 10 hours a day. At the end of the day when you’ll look in the mirror, you’ll have the satisfaction that you haven’t wasted your time.

You can even bypass destiny if your focus is so clear that this is what you always wish to do. Study for 10-15 hours a day and see what difference it makes.

If God sees your hard-work, compassion & dedication, he will re-write your destiny and will give you what you want.

“Add Passion and Attitude to Time, and the Results will flow”


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Best Wishes!!
Team PrepLadder


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