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From Rank 30,000 to 37. The success story of PrepLadder alumnus Dr. Manoj Kumar

Jan 21, 2017

Today we share the interview of Dr. Manoj Kumar who secured a rank 37 in NEET PG 2017. He shares his preparation tips and the study plan he used to go from 30,700 rank in NEET PG 2016 to Rank 37 in NEET PG 2017. Use these tips to prepare and secure a good rank in NEET PG.

Hello, please tell us something about yourself.

Dr. Manojkumar B Gaddikeri from Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences, Hubli. I secured Rank 37 in NEET PG 2017.

What do you think is the correct approach to study for NEET PG? Only MCQ's or Theory+MCQ's?

Theory first and then lots of MCQ's for an optimal performance in NEET.

When should the preparation ideally be started?

Ideally preparation should be started from 2nd year onwards of MBBS but I started 9 months back.

Please list the books you studied for each subject.

1) Anatomy, Physiology, Forensic, Ophthalmology, Pediatrics, Skin, Radiology, Psychiatry, Anesthesiology - Arvind Arora
2) Surgery - Pritesh Singh
3) Medicine - Mudit Khanna but now Dr. Thameem Sir's 1st edition book is about to come read that since Mudit Khanna is not updated
4) Pathology - Devesh Mishra
5) Microbiology - Apruv Shastry
6) ENT - Manisha Sinha
7) OBG - Puneet Bhojani
8) Ortho - Apruv Mehra

Have you attempted PGMEE previously? If yes, what did you do different this year that lead to your success.

Yes, i attempted PGMEE last year but was only able to secure a rank of 30,700. This year I went for coaching class in Bhatia Bangalore. Also I solved a lot of questions from Prepladder. I also focused on Multiple revisions at the end to make sure I was gonna do well in the test.

How big is the role of practice and revision while preparing for NEET PG and how much time should be dedicated for it?

Revision is a must, I must have revised around 15-20 times. Solving lots of MCQ's always gives you an upper hand over others.

Did PrepLadder play a part in your success? If yes, how?

Yes PrepLadder helped a lot especially the grand tests, eventually with every Grand Test my result got better & better and boosted my confidence. I also learnt how to manage time through PrepLadder tests. The time taken per MCQ is a big rank decider.

Did you use a time table/study plan to keep your preparation on track?

Yes.The coaching classes n their weekly tests were like a time table. I used to plan only for next day and not for days or months.

Were you a topper or a mediocre student during MBBS?

No, I was an average student. I was unknown in my college until NEET results.

List the most difficult and easiest subjects for you.

No subject is easy or tough. Every subject is important and every subject is a rank decider. With good amountt of revision no subject will be difficult.

One mistake that you believe everyone must avoid while preparing for NEET PG.

Don't study at home, join coaching classes. Stop wasting time in Facebook discussion groups, don't waste time for image based questions. First make your concepts clear later u can answer any image based question.

Some last tips for our readers preparing for NEET PG?

Solve MCQ's as many as possible and as many times as possible. Competition is tough but you are not less than anyone. Give the best shot of your life.All the best.
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