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Study theory because AIIMS PG will test your concepts - says Dr. N. Amrutha (AIIMS Rank 12)

May 22, 2017

PrepLadder congratulates Dr. N. Amrutha on achieving this unbelievable feat. We wish her all the best for her career and future ahead. Dr. N. Amrutha took daily tests and mock tests for a holistic preparation. In this exclusive interview with PrepLadder, she shares the plan that worked for her and helped her in clearing the exam. Hello, please tell us something about yourself. Hi I am Dr. N. Amrutha from Stanley Medical College, Chennai. I secured 12th rank in AIIMS PG Exam (May 2017). What do you think is the correct approach to study for AIIMS PG? Only MCQ's or Theory + MCQ's? MCQ only approach may work for some exams but for an exam like AIIMS which tests our concepts, theory is absolutely essential. Therefore, the correct approach to follow is Theory and MCQ’s. When should the preparation ideally be started? The best time is probably during internship. But my internship was really hectic and I couldn't study properly. Please list the books you studied for each subject. The books I read for preparation are as follows:

  • Anatomy - Ashwani Sir's notes,
  • Rajesh Kaushal and images from Google
  • Physiology - Soumen Manna and Ashish Sir's notes
  • Biochemistry - Rebecca James
  • Pharmacology - Ranjan Patel
  • Micro - Apurba Sastry, Shivika Mam's notes and Google images
  • Patho - Devesh Mishra, some topics from Robbins and Google images
  • Forensic - Sumit Seth
  • ENT- Sakshi Arora
  • Ophthal - Sudha Seetharaman and selected topics from Parsons
  • SPM - Vivek Jain and Uworld Biostats Review
  • Medicine - Thameem Sir's notes and selected topics from Harrison
  • Surgery - Amit Ashish
  • Obs & Gynae - Sakshi Arora
  • Ortho - Apurv Mehra
  • Anaesthesia - Ajay Yadav, Harrison and Nelson Skin chapters
  • Psychiatry - Niraj Ahuja
  • Paediatrics - Arvind Arora
Have you attempted any PG exam previously? If yes, what were your ranks then and what did you do different this time that lead to your success? Yes, I have previously attempted PG exams. In May 2016, I attempted AIIMS and got around 1300 rank, not in the merit list. In Nov 2016, I appeared for AIIMS and my Rank was 183 and in the NEET-PG exam, my rank was 944. For JIPMER 2016 I secured rank 298. I actually couldn't cover all subjects before writing the previous exams so I made a plan and covered all the subjects that I had left out and also revised the subjects I covered previously before appearing for May 2017 AIIMS PG Exam. How big is the role of practice and revision while preparing for AIIMS PG and how much time should be dedicated for it? Many subjects are highly volatile and require multiple revisions, like Biochemistry and Anatomy. I used to write tests almost every day and made note of the mistakes. I then repeated tests where I had made mistakes so that I could focus on those areas during my revision. Did PrepLadder play a part in your success? If yes, how? Yeah, definitely PrepLadder helped me a lot. I used to do the daily tests and mock tests and the results boosted my confidence. Did you use a time table/study plan to keep your preparation on track? I did prepare a timetable but couldn't actually stick to it because of other commitments. Were you a topper or a mediocre student during MBBS? I was an average student during MBBS. List the most difficult and easiest subjects for you. Anatomy, Obs & Gynae and Ophthal were most difficult subjects for me. Paediatrics, Medicine, Pathology and Pharmacology were my favourite and easy subjects. One mistake that you believe everyone must avoid while preparing for AIIMS PG. Don't delve deep into subjects and topics you like and avoid other subjects which you don't like. Because we need to know something about everything and not everything about something as far as entrance exams are concerned. How many questions did you attempt in AIIMS PG? I attempted 186 questions in AIIMS PG. Some last tips for our readers preparing for PG? Keep a folder of images in your phone for last day revision. Whenever you are reading a subject make sure you look at images mostly available in Google itself and save them for further revision. The number of hours of preparation would mean nothing if you are going to study with distractions. Create an atmosphere suitable for studying and don't lose time searching for answers to controversial questions. More topper tips coming soon, keep following this space.
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