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DM Medical Oncology Preparation for NEET SS 2023

Jul 30, 2021

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How to prepare for DM Medical Oncology?

Important Points for DM Medical Oncology

Important Topics For DM Medical Oncology

Books to Read for NEET SS 2021 DM Medical Oncology

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The highest salary that an Oncologist can earn in India is 8.5 lakh per month. Plus, it is one of the most in-demand fields not only in India, but around the world, because the number of patients are increasing everyday. If your plan is to achieve a DM in Medical Oncology, let that be your motivation!

The NEET SS entrance exam is a gateway to all DM/MCH courses in India. DM Medical Oncology as a specialization is a very good option and you must opt for it if you have a deep desire to change the course of the disease for patients with cancer.

Your dream of becoming a DM in Medical Oncology can become a reality but you have to start from the basics to reach the top. One of the most important techniques to crack the NEET SS exam is to strictly follow the exam pattern. It is a basic exam strategy but majority of the NEET SS aspirants make the mistake of studying without even being aware of the exam pattern. This is usually because the vast syllabus and the pressure of the exam leads most students into a state of anxiety.

But being calm and prepared is the only way to crack NEET SS 2023 and achieve your DM in Medical Oncology. Being aware of how the NEET SS 2023 is going to be conducted is an excellent way to analyse the approach you must follow to kick start your studies. For example, a simple analysis of the past year question papers will give you an idea of which topics to focus most on. Also, you must opt for Online Mock Test Series for NEET SS. 

How to prepare for DM Medical Oncology?

DM Medial Oncology is one of the 3 sub specializations of Oncology. In the following you will discover the skills you need for DM Medical Oncology, the important topics within and the recommended books you need to read. Let's look at how you can prepare for DM Medical Oncology.

Important Points for DM Medical Oncology 

Oncology has three types of sub-specializations – 

  • Surgical Oncology, 
  • Medical Oncology, and
  • Radiation Oncology.

The DM Medical Oncology treatment mainly deals with:

  • Chemotherapy,
  • Immunotherapy, and
  • Targeted therapy, in combination with chemotherapy, to more effectively treat cancer.

Here are some Diagnostic Skills You Must Know For NEET SS.  As a DM Medical Oncology aspirant, you should know about some basic Medicine, Pharmacology and study all kinds of drugs along with anti-cancer drugs that constitute chemotherapy and others like biological therapy and neurological therapy.

Since Medical Oncology is quite a vast subject, it is better to start your NEET SS exam preparation early. Follow these NEET SS 2023 preparation strategies. Given below are some important questions that are usually asked in the exam. 

Important Topics For DM Medical Oncology

  • Pathological Basis of Oncology
  • Genetic Aspects
  • Gene Mutations
  • Treatment Options
  • Chemotherapeutic Aspects
  • Pharmacology of Drugs Used
  • Preventive Aspects
  • Monitoring Protocols
  • Latest Developments in Oncology

Books to Read for NEET SS 2021 DM Medical Oncology

  • Textbook of Medical Oncology by Cavalli
  • Manual of Clinical Oncology by Bartose
  • Abeloffs Oncology
  • Devita, Hellman Cancer
  • Principles and practice of Oncology
  • Oxford Textbook of Oncology

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And that is everything you need to know about how to prepare for DM Medical Oncology for NEET SS 2023. For more useful and exam-relevant topics like DM Medical Oncology Preparation for NEET SS 2023, keep following this blog!

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