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Preparing for Neet SS? Here are the books you shouldn’t miss.

Feb 28, 2023

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Books to Read in PG 1st Year for Neet SS Preparation

Here is the list of books that will help you in your PG 1st year

Tips To Choose The Right Books For NEET SS 2023 Preparation

Choose the most-updated version:

Study texts from known authors:

Choose texts that are easy to understand:

Seek suggestions:

Previous Year Papers & Mock Tests:

Preparing for Neet SS? Here are the books you shouldn’t miss.

After you have finished micro-managing small tasks, running up and down the wards to the OPDs and taking rounds, and sleeping irregular hours, would you want to waste time on the wrong textbook?

You cannot afford to waste time as a Neet SS aspirant. Especially when you hardly have any time at all. To make sure you direct your energy in the right direction, we have put together a list of books that will help you kickstart your Neet SS preparation from the first year itself. 

This post will start with a list of books you must start within the first year of your PG residency. After that, we will go through a few additional texts to simplify your preparation and conclude with a few pointers on how to choose the right book for your SS preparation. 

Let’s begin.

Books to Read in PG 1st Year for Neet SS Preparation

After working so hard and securing a seat in PG, it’s natural that you would want to relax and take it easy for a little while. However, the race you are running is not a sprint, it is a marathon. 

And the end goal is cracking the Neet SS exam. 

After a short break, try to get back into the habit of studying every day from the 1st year itself. This way, you can keep up that momentum of studying every day till the third year. This will also make your revision easier. 

Before we move ahead if you haven’t finalized your branch for SS, here is a blog on selecting a branch for SS and residency subject that might help.  

Here is the list of books that will help you in your PG 1st year

Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine - We will start with the bible itself. In the first 6 to 7 months, you must complete the first 300 pages of Harrison’s part 1, especially the symptomatology part. It will refresh your memory and help you immensely when you start sitting in the OPD.  

Cecil and Goldman - This is an excellent alternative to Harrison’s and the perfect resource to turn to if Harrison is too difficult for you. However, this is not the book to study from an examination perspective because most of the questions are based on Harrison. 

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CMDT (Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment) - CMDT is an excellent resource to update yourself. 

API Textbook of Medicine - The API Textbook of Medicine has been in publication for over 50 years, and educators believe it to be on almost the same level as Harrison’s. The advantage of reading this text is that it is India-focused. 

Postgraduate Medicine by Gurpreet S. Wander - This is another alternative text you can study until you have the latest edition of Harrison’s in your hands. 

Manual of Clinical Methods by P.S. Shankar - This is an essential book you must complete before entering the college. It is a dive back to the basics and will help you safeguard yourself from sharp, critical comments during the bedside rounds or discussions. 

Essentials of Bedside Cardiology by Jules Constant - This is another excellent book to improve your history-taking and physical examination skills. 

Neurological Differential Diagnosis by John Patten - This is the book you must read if you aim for INISS Neurology specialisation. 

The Neurologic Examination by De Jong's - If a specialisation in Neurology is not your aim, then you can buy this book to cover the basics. 

And that completes the list of books we recommend you begin studying in your 1st year of PG. 

We understand that the thought of studying so much in the 1st year, along with your regular duties, is mentally tiring, if nothing else. So if you need a pick-me-up, here is some motivation to energise you.

Watch Neet SS 2022 topper Dr Amrutha (AIR-2, Pediatrics) share her strategy for clearing the exam with flying colours with Dr Sandeep Sharma, PrepLadder Faculty for Pediatrics.

Neet SS 2022 Topper, Dr Amrutha in conversation with Dr Sandeep Sharma, PrepLadder Faculty.

Next, we have compiled a list of highly recommended books that will assist you in clearing the Neet SS exam. These books include fundamental concepts and practice questions to make your SS preparation simple and stress-free.

Book NameAuthor Name
Surgery Essence 7th Edition 2019By Dr Pritesh Singh
Surgery SixerBy Dr R.Rajamahendran
Schwartz's Principles of SurgeryBY F. Charles Brunicardi
Pediatric Primary Care By Burns
MCQ books in Medicine By Dr Deepak Marwah & Dr Mudit Khanna

Although you have a grasp of the recommended books for your Neet SS preparation, you might feel a need to procure additional books to understand certain topics in depth.

To ensure you pick the right type of book for your preparation, we have compiled a list of pointers you can refer to during your book search. 

Let’s go over those pointers right now. 

NEET SS pediatrics elite plan

Tips To Choose The Right Books For NEET SS 2023 Preparation

The right kind of study material can improve your performance in the exam and help you score higher. Follow the tips below to identify and select high-yielding books for Neet SS preparation.

Choose the most-updated version:

The first tip is a bit obvious, but nonetheless, it is something you must always follow. Even if you must wait a few days or pay a little extra, pick the most updated book.

Study texts from known authors:

It is recommended to always follow texts by popular and well-known authors so that your preparation goes parallel to the Neet SS exam pattern. For your convenience, here is a list of the most recommended books for Pediatrics, Surgery and Medicine.

Choose texts that are easy to understand:

Let’s say you follow Harrison because it is the most recommended and popular choice, but you find the fact-based descriptions hard to grasp. In that case, it would be better to opt for an alternative like the API textbook or Cecil and Goldman that will make learning easier for you. Refer to the contents before buying any book. 

Seek suggestions:

The most recommended book might not be the most ideal book for you. Consult with your teachers, seniors and peers to find alternatives that you might find easier to read. Most books for SS preparation are expensive, so you find the book that gives you the most value for money. 

Previous Year Papers & Mock Tests:

As with any important exam, practising regular mock tests is also an essential step towards cracking the Neet SS exam. Choose a well-recommended book that contains solved previous year question papers.  

And that’s it. With that, we have come to the end of this blog post. Now you have sufficient information to kickstart your Neet SS preparation or accelerate it further, depending on where you are in your preparation. 

To conclude, the books you study in your 1st year will build the foundation that helps you tackle complex concepts in your second and third years, ultimately preparing you to excel in your Neet SS examination. So make sure you follow these books without fail. 

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