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NEET SS 2023 - Decoding Toppers’ Success Stories 

Oct 16, 2023

NEET SS 2023 Toppers

NEET SS remains the ultimate challenge for all medical aspirants. At the same time, it distinguishes those few dedicated aspirants who are able to successfully achieve this significant milestone in their medical career. 

With the recent announcement of the NEET SS exam result, several aspirants have now joined the ranks of remarkable achievers. PrepLadder congratulates all the shining stars who qualified the exam and celebrates the achievers whose dedication and resilience raised them to the top of the list. 

In this blog, we’ll share a glimpse of the remarkable journey of NEET SS toppers along with some amazing tips that future aspirants can benefit from. 

NEET SS pediatrics elite plan

NEET SS 2023 Toppers and their Marks

Here’s a list of our NEET SS 2023 toppers along with their marks - 

Name Group RankScore
Dr Jaydeep SurgeryAIR 1488
Dr AbhishekMedicineAIR 2483
Dr GreeshmenduPediatricsAIR 2456
Dr Akash PediatricsAIR 3453
Dr PrakshiPediatricsAIR 6449
Dr Hema KumarSurgeryAIR 12468
Dr RoshniPediatricsAIR 13432
Dr Akshay PediatricsAIR 14430
Dr RamakrishnanPediatricsAIR 15429
Dr JinnuriMedicineAIR 16453

Preparation Strategies of NEET SS 2023 Toppers

Post the announcement of NEET SS 2023 exam result, PrepLadder conducted detailed interviews with its toppers to congratulate them and get some candid bites on how they are feeling on such amazing achievement. And guess what, we have received invaluable insights on our toppers’ success journey. Let’s find out what they had to say about their preparation strategies - 

Dr Greeshmendu Rajan - AIR 2 Pediatrics Group

Dr. Greeshmendu Rajan secured the prestigious All India Rank 2 in the NEET SS Pediatrics 2023 exam. During an interview with our esteemed faculty, Dr. Pritesh Singh, she discussed her journey, where she spoke about the challenging nature of the exam and how it’s important for aspirants to cover topics comprehensively, including clinical scenarios. 

Dr. Greeshmendu also talked about the importance of consistent preparation, in-depth reading, and multiple revisions from textbooks such as Nelson, while utilizing PrepLadder's video lectures and mock tests for effective preparation. 

Dr Greeshmendy says, “I would say that it was an ideal companion that I had prescribed PrepLadder and I had prescribed PrepLadder because my classmates also suggested PrepLadder.” 

She recommended a minimum of one year for comprehensive preparation and stressed the significance of regular revisions. Dr. Rajan dedicated her success to her supportive family, husband, and friends and also acknowledged the invaluable support provided by PrepLadder's comprehensive resources, particularly the informative videos that aided in her thorough understanding of the subjects. 

Watch the complete interview here - 

Dr Prakshi Tyagi - AIR 6 Pediatrics Group

Dr. Prakshi, who secured AIR 6 in the NEET SS exam, shared her successful preparation journey in an interview with Dr. Sandip Sharma from PrepLadder. Despite facing difficulties, Dr. Prakshi found PrepLadder's video lectures extremely helpful. Finding the QBank really helpful, Dr Prakshi says, “Most of the questions in the QBank series are repeats so like that you should never miss out on the repeats.

Besides that, her strategy involved compiling notes from the lectures, revising them multiple times, and focusing on high-yield topics. She emphasized the importance of remaining consistent and dedicated, avoiding distractions, and staying focused on the goal.

During the interview, Dr. Prakshi highlighted the value of sticking to a single resource, in her case, PrepLadder, and avoiding unnecessary diversions. She also advised aspirants to thoroughly revise images and visual aids from textbooks, as they often reappear in the exams.

Here's the complete interview video -

Dr Hema Kumar - AIR 12 Surgery Group 

Dr Hema Kumar, who achieved 12th rank in the NEET SS Surgery 2023 exam, shared his journey during an interview with Dr. Pritesh Singh from PrepLadder. He described his preparation strategy, emphasizing the significance of thorough reading and revisions from textbooks such as Bailey, along with the utilization of core concepts and images from Schwartz. 

Dr. Kumar also highlighted the importance of in-depth reading due to the changing question pattern, which focused more on clinical scenarios. He credited PrepLadder's mock tests for their comprehensive coverage of clinical scenarios, helping with time management during the exam. 

Dr Hema says, “I would like to congratulate PrepLadder for giving the mock tests. Those mock tests which had mainly clinical scenarios, no other platforms did give this much clinical scenario based questions, it was only PrepLadder which gave so many clinical scenario based questions.”

He advised aspirants to begin their preparation during their postgraduate studies to effectively manage their time and prepare comprehensive notes for revision. 

Watch the interview with Dr Hema Kumar below -

PrepLadder congratulates all the aspirants who qualified NEET SS 2023 with flying colors and also encourages future aspirants to draw inspiration from the success stories of these remarkable achievers.

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