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Indian Acts Simplified Series - Understand Laws Better

Jan 31, 2023

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What is the Indian Acts Simplified Series?

Why is Indian Acts Simplified important for UPSC aspirants?

How you can use the Indian Acts Simplified series to ace UPSC CSE.

Use it as your guide to understand laws better.

Understand Prelims and Mains questions

Discover the tools to achieve success

Indian Acts Simplified Series - Understand Laws Better

What is the Indian Acts Simplified Series?

Indian Acts Simplified is the latest effort by PrepLadder to make your UPSC CSE preparation easier. 

In this series, PrepLadder's Dream Team will decode, simplify and help you understand better the significant Acts that have shaped India’s history. 

In Indian Acts Simplified, all significant Acts from the year 1700 onwards till the present will be explained in a detailed manner by India's top UPSC faculty, the Dream Team. 

These top-notch faculty will help you understand our country's gradual evolution of law and order. You will understand why significant colonial and post-colonial laws were created and how they led to some of the more recent or current laws in the country.  

Why is Indian Acts Simplified important for UPSC aspirants?

Important Indian Acts form a crucial part of the UPSC Prelims and Mains syllabus. They are important for your history preparation, specifically Modern History. Moreover, they are part of the yearly Prelims and Mains question papers.  

After watching this series, you will clearly see the government policies and interventions in both colonial and post-colonial India, including why they were necessary and the implementation process.

Indian Acts Simplified will help you understand the laws governing the vast demography of India from a historical, political, environmental, economic and internal security perspective.  

Once you complete this series, you will have a 360° understanding of the Indian Acts and the Indian Constitution.

Watch the first episode of ‘Indian Acts Simplified’ right here with our top-notch Internal Security faculty Siddharth Singh. The topic for the first episode are the controversial AFSPA and UAPA Acts. 

Indian Acts Simplified Episode 1

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How you can use the Indian Acts Simplified series to ace UPSC CSE.

Use it as your guide to understand laws better. 

Our Dream Team will take you through the most common questions about every Act and how you can answer those questions correctly. There are strategies you can use to remember minute details, and our Dream Team will teach you the best of them.

Understand Prelims and Mains questions 

The questions asked about Indian Acts in Prelims and Mains are going to be from different perspectives. Prelims questions have a more direct approach, while the questions asked in the Mains exam paper will need to be answered with depth. You will learn how to answer these different types of questions to ace your Mains and Prelims preparation both. 

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Discover the tools to achieve success

Our Dream Team is not the only help you will have to understand Indian Acts better. The PrepLadder App has many resources you can take advantage of to improve your preparation. 

These include high-yield test series to challenge your knowledge of Indian Acts, treasures to make revision more effortless, and PrepMagazine and PrepNotes to help you tie relevant Indian Acts with the appropriate current events and ace the Mains exam paper questions. 

So what are you waiting for? Watch Indian Acts Simplified from Monday to Saturday every week in February and take your UPSC preparation to the next level. 

Innovation is the key behind what we at PrepLadder strive to provide to all IAS aspirants. All the wonderful tools that are designed to make your preparation easier can be found in the PrepLadder App. 

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