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5 Genius Preparation Strategies Used by FMGE 2023 Toppers

Aug 29, 2023

5 Genius Preparation Strategies Used by FMGE 2023 Toppers

Have you ever wondered what FMG exam toppers do differently to achieve such excellent scores that every aspirant dreams of? 

Well, brace yourself for the big reveal! We will be answering your question in this blog.

Today, cracking the FMGE exam has become a herculean task for most FMG aspirants. So, we've sifted through the interview videos of FMGE toppers to discover the strategies that have powered them to success. 

Here are the 5 genius preparation tactics used by FMGE 2023 toppers. This is a read you wouldn’t want to miss!

1. Dr Alikya (Score: 229): Start Early and Integrate College Studies with FMG Preparation 

Dr Alikya, with a remarkable score of 229 is the second highest scorer in the FMG June 2023 exam. She started her FMG exam preparation during the third year of her MBBS and it definitely became a key factor that helped her preparation. 

By starting early she could seamlessly integrate her college studies with FMG preparation. This allowed her to capitalize on the overlap between the curriculums of both. It also gave her a good head start and enabled her to build a solid foundation. Having time, Dr Alikya could cover the syllabus comprehensively, practice MCQ and revise efficiently as well.

2. Dr Harsh Goti (Score: 220): Master MCQs and the Grand Test Technique 

Dr Harsh Goti is another excellent achiever who scored 220 marks in the recent FMGE June 2023 exam. Amongst his preparation strategies was to build question solving techniques by practicing multiple-choice questions (MCQs), PYQs and taking Mock Tests. 

Dr Harsh mentioned that in the month leading up to the exam, he focused solely on giving mock tests and reviewing his performance on the very same day. By training his mind to tackle questions under simulated exam conditions, he built confidence and refined his time management skills.

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3. Dr Aditya Tikhe (Score: 222): Harness the Power of Self-Evaluation 

Dr Aditya Tikhe's, who scored 222 in FMGE emphasized on the importance of performance evaluation. According to Dr Aditya, simply taking mock tests is not sufficient for holistic preparation. Evaluating your performance in the mock test is more important than attempting one. 

He used to take around three mock tests per month, and would then review his performance not just to gauge his scores, but more importantly, to identify and target his weak areas. By treating every incorrect answer as an opportunity to learn, he transformed mistakes into stepping stones toward improvement.

4. Dr Joshna Choudhary (Score: 214): Stay Consistent 

Dr Joshna Choudhary scored 215 marks and her journey toward achieving this excellent score revolved around consistency. Recognizing that the FMGE is a marathon, not a sprint, she started with a modest study routine of 3-4 hours daily in February. Slowly but steadily, she increased her study hours, ultimately reaching 13-14 hours per day just before the exam. Her mantra was simple: stay consistent, regardless of the pace of progress.

5. Dr Hatim Sajid (Score: 205): Keep a Mistakes Notebook

Dr Hatim Sajid introduced a unique strategy that helped him score 205 marks. He maintained a "Mistake Notebook." It was a dedicated revision notebook where Dr Hatim jotted down topics he struggled with. 

In addition to that, he would also make notes of high-yield topics that must be revised before the exam. This mistake notebook acted as his personalized reference guide which he used to revisit and revise challenging concepts during the final days before the exam. 

Ultimately, it ensured that he covered all his weak areas and could attempt the exam with confidence. 

Now, if you are an FMGE aspirant targeting the upcoming December 2023 exam, then these toppers’ preparation strategies offer excellent insights. So, draw as much inspiration as you can from these achievers and forge your own path to success.

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