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Aug 02, 2017

Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE) is mandatory for Indian Citizens, having a medical degree from outside India. Although every year a huge number of aspirants appear for FMGE, it is observed that only a few students are able to qualify this exam and rest are devoid of getting the desired marks. Therefore, it is a matter of concern to find out the definite cause behind this failure and to reveal the substantial reasons for this. After performing proper analysis, our experts have found some substantial reasons why aspirants are not able to get the qualified marks. Let us first have a look on some common mistakes which are usually done by students  for which they are not able to get desired marks.

Key points which create obstacles on the path of your success :

1. Lack of proper awareness about the exam pattern :

Usually, it is observed that aspirants are not familiar with the exam pattern and it is the major reason which contributes towards the failure of the aspirants. Aspirants are required to practice more in order to enhance their preparation level and get familiar to the exam pattern. By attempting FMGE Mock Test regularly, they are able to focus on their weak and strong areas and they can prepare according to the exam pattern.

2. Lack of proper time management :

It is frequently observed that candidates are not able to manage time properly during exam due to exam anxiety and stress. As a result, they are unable to complete their exam within the stipulated time. And this will hold them one step back from their success. This problem occurs due to lack of thorough preparation with inadequate practice of mock tests. Therefore, it is necessary to practice numerous mock tests for effective time management in order to progress your skills with subsequent attempts.

3. Unaware about previous year exam analysis and cutoffs :

Aspirants often fail to understand the importance of analyzing previous year’s papers and cut off marks. Analyzing previous years papers are important to understand the exam pattern and it acquaints you with the strategy which should be followed in order to prepare along with interpretation of weightage of certain topics that should not be skipped along with the difficulty level of exam and type of questions that may be asked. Aspirants are able to establish their targeted score.   Also Read : FMGE Marathon-The Most Competitive FMGE Grand Tests

4. Not familiar with and up to date about online mode of exam :

Nowadays, FMGE is conducted in online mode, however, it is observed that students are still stick to traditional mode of exams i.e. offline. Due to this reason, they feel uncomfortable and are not capable of attempting the exam suitably on newer podium. They spend too much time struggling with the software while others move ahead leading to their success. As a result, their overall performance is affected due to lack of proper speed and accuracy .To overcome this problem, everyone needs to attempt online tests constantly to get acquaintance with the online platform.

5. Inadequate practice and revision :

While preparing for FMGE, one thing always keep in mind that without proper practice and revision, your all hard work will be in vain as practice and revision are utmost important to get a desired score in FMGE. As you all know that practice makes a man perfect. Therefore you should practice more to get your goal. The more you practice, the more you learn. You should attempt mock tests as much as you can and revise your topics in a timely manner to determine your current level of preparation. This way, it also helps you to recognize your weaker areas which require further  improvement. Also Read: Preparing for FMG Exam : Memory Hacks to Remember All 19 Subjects

6. Unable to focus on speed and accuracy while attempting Mock test :

Some aspirants do not focus on speed and accuracy while attempting Mock tests and ultimately this will act as hurdle in their success. It is necessary to analyze your Mock test in order to get familiarize with your weaker areas along with effective time management which will help you a lot in achieving your qualifying score. Hence, try to complete your Mock test within the stipulated time and by doing this we will able to maintain proper speed with the required accuracy.

7. Nature of abandon hopes easily :

The common nature of human being is that at a point where we find difficulties, we easily give up without utilizing our efforts. Like this, if an aspirant does not get the passing marks, it is frequently seen that they give up easily.  Negative thoughts are sure to crop up but success is inevitable to those who dare to attempt. Success can be achieved by hardwork. Therefore, never be disheartened if you have not attained your goal and make a try for it unless and until you get your destination. To know how positive attitude and self confidence brings success Click Here Success doesn’t just come and find you, you have to go out and get it”. Success can be defined as: See your goal Understand the obstacles Create a positive mental picture Clear your mind of self doubt Embrace the challenge Stay on track Show the world you can do it Therefore, step towards your goal with this positive attitude and this will surely help you to get your goal. More Updates will follow… Stay Tuned with Prepladder…
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