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2 Months Revision Plan for FMGE

Oct 18, 2017

The countdown for FMGE has begun, to stand out as one among the various successful doctors you might need to tighten up your laces to outshine your performance. By now a candidate is expected to at least complete with his preparation and has set forth for the final touch up. Prepladder brings forth an article for its readers which will help all its aspirants in their last minute preparation, whether they have started with the preparation or are already half the way.

Exam Pattern :

The first and foremost prerequisite is to give a strategic start to be well aware of the exam pattern - like the  exam mode, number of papers, number of questions, time duration and marking scheme etc.

Introspect and timetable your preparation accordingly :

After completion of one subject, go through the mock test and previous question papers of the same to analyze the exam pattern as well as to make sure that your conceptual knowledge is up to the mark.   Take a notebook and make a note as to which all topics you are week in and prepare your study plan accordingly, giving more time for the weaker section by keeping them on the top of the list. Revision on daily or regular basis is must to strengthen your preparation as well as to understand the most volatile and difficult subject and memorizing the same with the help of sticky notes, highlights or mnemonics.

Time management :

Last month preparation must be planned in a way such that out of two months you utilize one month for completion of the entire syllabus and retrospectively preparing notes, highlights, and flash cards for the last month or last few days before the exam, which must provide a quick insight into important topics and information.

Enrich your pace and perfection :

Since the FMGE is time bound, therefore, completion of the exam in time is the most important criteria, thus a candidate must focus on enhancing his speed in the time available by attempting more and more mock tests, specially the one’s which are time bound and try to improve the performance with every mock test to enhance the accuracy. Also Read : Strategies To Enrich Your Brain For FMGE

Sticky notes and Mnemonics :

The topics which are difficult to remember must be memorized with the help of sticky notes and revision of the note must be done on a regular basis or can be memorized with the help of mnemonics.

Stay away from perplexity :

To be successful one must be focused, thus all the environmental disturbances like noise, mobile phone, internet, laptop and television must be avoided to increase concentration, save time and improve grasping ability.

Eat healthy and full meal :

Healthy mind reside in healthy body, thus a candidate must eat food in time, the eatable must be those which are healthy for the body and the brain, which will provide energy to work, eatables like fried food must be avoided as these food items induces sleep due to overfilling.

Take sufficient sleep :

Requirement of the body and mind to rest is very important, a candidate must give sufficient relaxation to the mind and body to wake up fresh the next morning. Understand your body need and frame your study plan in a way which will allow adequate rest for the body and the mind.

Don’t go for new books :

Last few months are meant for revision and brush up, changing books with new one’s must be avoided as you may encounter new information, which might be confusing, ultimately you will feel low self esteem and the stress will increase. Also Read : Last Minute Preparation Tips for FMGE

Practice and revision is the key :

Once you are done with the syllabus, do not put down your pen, it’s the most crucial hour as you may test your preparation by revising the most volatile and difficult matter and practicing the weaker section. The more you will practice more your knowledge will be refined and your hold on the subject will enhance. Also Read: Preparing for FMG Exam : Memory Hacks to Remember All 19 Subjects

Believe yourself and stay confident :

If you have utilized your time in a most efficient way, then there’s no point to doubt your efficiency and capability. Believe yourself and move ahead with the revision and last month practice. Though the blog has provided very basic information but yet the tips to save the most valuable precondition i.e. ”TIME”, which is always less how much ever we have, can be saved by inculcating the Aforesaid strategies. We hope that this blog will help you to make effective utilization of the available time. All the best!! Keep following PrepLadder!!
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