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Sample study plan for FMGE preparation

Feb 06, 2017

When you are targeting any competitive exam you have to work hard to achieve success. But how much time and hard work is enough? The answer is that it depends from person to person. But according to most of our alumni who’ve had success in previous year’s FMGE you need around 8 months to ace the exam. 5-6 months for studying and 2-3 months for revision and practice. Here we have made some assumptions on how much time you should give to each subject while studying, you might give more or less time to a subject depending on your strength and weakness in that particular subject. Additional tips: *Never study anything new on Sunday. For example, if you plan to complete Physiology in a week, plan on doing it in 6 days. Always keep Sundays for revising whatever you have studied during the week. *Make Blocks: We have made 5 blocks in our sample study plan (you can make more or less blocks according to personal needs). Keep days to catch up on those blocks after you finish each one. *Make notes: Making notes while studying is very important, they will help you revise better. Here’s how to make high yield notes. *Attempt practice questions and subject-wise tests while going through the blocks. Do not attempt full-length tests during this phase. *Plan ahead, so that you can keep at least 2 months to revise after completing all the blocks. *Only read your notes while revising and refer to textbooks in case of confusion also take full-length mock tests during this time.

Sample FMGE Study Plan:

The table below features our recommended timetable to study for FMGE.
Subject Days Total Days
Anatomy 10 days 28 Days
Physiology 1 week
Biochemistry 1 week
Catch up 4 days
Subject Days Total Days
Pathology 10 days 35 Days
Pharmacology 10 days
Microbiology 1 week
Forensic Medicine 3 days
Catch up 5 days
Subject Days Total Days
Ophthalmology 4 days 25 Days
ENT 4 days
SPM 2 week
Catch up 3 days
Subject Days Total Days
Medicine 3 weeks 36 Days
Psychiatry 3 days
Dermatology 3 days
Paediatrics 4 days
Catch up 5 days
Subject Days Total Days
Surgery 2 weeks 42 Days
Ortho 3 days
Anaesthesia 3 days
Radiology 3 days
Gynaecology 1 week
Obstetrics 1 week
Catch up 5 days
Revise and practice for the next 2 months and you will be ready to give your best shot at FMGE. All The Best. Keep following PrepLadder for more updates on FMGE preparation. Also Read our blogs for FMGE Preparation :
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