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Top FMGE FAQs Answered by Toppers Dr. Angad & Dr. Darshika

Sep 22, 2023

Top FMGE FAQs Answered by Toppers Dr. Angad & Dr. Darshika

Read carefully. You might find hidden gems in the answers below. 

Dr. Angad and Dr. Darshika clear the confusion surrounding FMGE preparation and distill the most time-tested, proven effective techniques to put you among the top 10% scorers in FMGE December ‘23.

The FMGE June 2023 exam saw only a 10.6% success rate which means only a fraction of the hopeful aspirants managed to secure their coveted FMGE qualification. 

If you are among the 21,180 individuals who coudn’t make the cut, do not despair. This blog article is here to make your preparation a bit easier. 

In this exclusive Q&A-style blog, we bring you insights and advice from two remarkable FMGE June '23 toppers, Dr. Angad (Score: 221) and Dr. Dr. Darshika (Score: 206). They share their secrets, strategies, and wisdom to help you ace the FMGE exam with confidence.

Ready? Let’s begin. 

FMGE Mock Test

Q: When did you start preparing and what was your strategy?

Dr. Darshika: To be honest I started preparing during the end of my 4th year. That was when I found the time to actually sit down and focus on my studies.

Dr. Angad: I started my journey by preparing for NEET-PG and not FMGE. I began studying in the middle of my third year, but I truly started preparing in the fourth year. The advice I would like to give here is to work smart and not hard. 

Q: How did you manage stress?

Dr. Darshika: What worked for me was talking to people around me. I would suggest you talk to your friends and loved ones. Talking to friends can be incredibly comforting because it helps you realize that you're not alone in this journey. Sometimes we might feel that we are the only ones who are forgetting things, the only ones lagging behind, and unable to memorize stuff. Talking to friends brings you out of that negative state of mind. 

Dr. Angad: I would like to add to that point. Yes talking to people helps. Another important thing is taking care of your mental health and my advice is to prioritize that. I have friends who have worked twice as hard as me but failed to perform on the day. They had difficulty in recalling information and in concentrating of the exam only because they neglected to take care of their mental health. So according to me, the most important thing, whether for FMGE or NEET-PG, is mental health. 

I used to do meditation myself. Do not skip talking to your parents or skip meals because you think those extra few minutes will be productive. It will not be. Speaking to your loved ones is also a form of meditation and it will heal you. FMGE is not a marathon or a sprint. It is both. If you want to reach the finish line, you need to take care of your mental health. 

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FMGE Elite Plan

Q: With 3 months left for FMGE Dec 2023, is RR 5.0 + PYQs sufficient?

Dr. Darshika: If you're aiming for FMGE Dec 2023, time is limited, and RR (Rapid Revision) is an excellent starting point. It provides highlighted portions, important topics, and handpicked questions to make your preparation highly effective. Don't wait to start the Grand Tests (GTs) – they give you insight into the competition and help you focus on the right topics. A bonus tip: When solving PYQs or GTs, everytime you come across a new topic or key piece of information, add it to your notes to ensure you don't forget or make the same mistake again. 

Dr. Angad: If you've already been preparing for a year, it's wise to check RR to see if you missed anything. My approach is going through the Rapid Revision to check if I missed anything that I can add to my own notes. And as Dr. Darshika said, it is important to go through GTs as early as possible because they help you identify four things:

  1. Where you are in your preparation journey
  2. How much the competition has prepared
  3. Topics where you are overconfident, and 
  4. Topics where you are lacking.

So only PYQs is not enough. You need to cover RR with PYQs and GTs. 

Attempting Grant Tests early on is one of the 5 smart tips to master the FMG exam. Click on the link to know the other tips.  

Q: Which subjects should I focus on, and how long will it take to complete all 19 subjects?

Dr. Darshika: Major subjects like OB, Surgery, Medicine, and PSM are crucial. But that does not mean that its okay to ignore the minor subjects. Don't make the mistake of leaving 3-4 subjects out; you'll need to cover them all as per the latest exam pattern. 

Additionally, try to study in an integrated manner, such as anatomy-surgery or pharma-patho. Studying separately will not help you understand enough to tackle clinical questions. Keep the subject-wise weightage in mind while you are preparing. 

Dr. Angad: Enjoy your study hours, as it enhances productivity. In three months, you can complete all 19 subjects. For major subjects, focus on Rapid Revision, and for minor subjects, delve into the full videos. This balanced approach can make the difference between passing and failing.

I agree with Dr. Darshika; three months are sufficient if you utilize resources like Prepladder for rapid revision. Ask your seniors also and they will tell you that Prepladder's notes are the gold standard when it comes to notes. Remember, a systematic approach and dedication are key to covering all subjects effectively.

Q: How to start studying with just basic knowledge and skipping clinical knowledge?

Dr. Angad: Skipping clinical knowledge is not advisable, as the exam pattern now includes clinical questions. For example, in the last FMGE exam, most of the questions asked were clinical. For example, they will ask questions like “You’re in the OT right now and the patient is bleeding. What will you give?” In such instances you have to think back to your hispital rotations. What did you do over there? What did the doctor present do? 

Familiarize yourself with real-life scenarios from your hospital rotations; this practical knowledge is invaluable. As for basic knowledge, if you have covered all the fundamentals, I am sure you will pass. Exams like FMGE and NEET-PG primarily test your fundamental understanding, and knowing more than that is always a bonus.

Dr. Darshika: I found solving PYQs and GTs in the Prepladder app to be immensely helpful. These questions often reflect real clinical cases. They contain both basic and clinical knowledge.

Q: Is it common to feel overwhelmed and doubt your understanding during preparation?

Dr. Darshika: Absolutely! Preparing for such a significant exam can be daunting. For me, the key to controlling my anxiousness and remembering what I studied was multiple revisions.

Dr. Angad: Personally, I adopted the Pomodoro technique, which allowed me to effectively study for 7-8 hours daily, reducing the need for 12-15-hour study sessions. Taking short breaks and breaking study time into manageable chunks can help you prepare better. And when you know you’ve been productive you tend to stress less. 

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Q: How to use QBank most effectively?

Dr. Angad: The best way to attempt QBank is after a gap. After studying a topic, give yourself a few days before attempting questions from the QBank. Attempting questions immediately after a topic is meaningless because the information is anyways fresh in your mind. 

Dr. Darshika: Completely agree with Dr. Angad. The more you recollect now the faster you will be able to recollect during the exam. 

When you attempt QBank after an interval, it forces your brain to try harder to recollect information and over time, this increases your retention power in the long term. It is a proven technique, try it. 

In conclusion, dear aspirants, FMGE success is within your reach. With the guidance and insights from Dr. Angad and Dr. Dr. Darshika, you can approach your preparation strategically and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Remember, it's not just about the quantity of study hours but the quality. Prioritize your mental well-being, integrate your knowledge, and practice with dedication. 

The FMGE exam may be challenging, but with the right approach, you can emerge as one of the next FMGE toppers. Keep your spirits high, stay focused, and march confidently toward your goal. Good luck!

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