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Key Topics in Medicine for AIIMS-PG by Dr. Deepak Marwah

Nov 12, 2018

AIIMS-PG is scheduled to be held on 5th May 2019. All of you must be busy in the exam preparation. Preparing & revising medicine subject thoroughly is very important. It is one of the most scoring and a significant subject from AIIMS-PG perspective. In order to simplify your revision, we approached the famous faculty of Medicine, Dr. Deepak Marwah to cast some light on the key topics in Medicine which must be thoroughly revised before the exam.

Important Topics in Medicine

1. Cardiomyopathy (TTCM, ARVD) versus Brugada Syndrome 2. Aortic stenosis versus HOCM versus Supra-valvular Aortic stenosis 3. VT, TDP, MAT and heart blocks (IBQ) 4. Syndrome X versus Syndrome Z 5. Ascending paralysis (GBS, transverse myelitis and hypokalemic paralysis) 6. Juvenile myoclonic epilepsy (JANZ syndrome) 7. Aseptic meningitis versus Tubercular meningitis 8. Myasthenia gravis (Always asked) versus channelopathies 9. Surface marking of Fornix/ mammillary body/ cingulate cortex/ hippocampus on CT head 10. Ventilator-associated pneumonia and CPIS score 11. CXR: Pneumo-mediastinum versus Pneumothorax versus collapse 12. Fat embolism versus PE algorithm and management 13. Interstitial lung disease classification 14. Myxedema coma versus Hashimoto’s encephalopathy 15. Metabolic acidosis partial versus uncompensated and same for respiratory acidosis 16. Normal anion gap acidosis versus high anion gap acidosis 17. Types of hyponatremia and Osmotic demyelination syndrome 18. Rheumatoid arthritis versus CRPS 19. Essential Cryoglobinemia versus Churg strauss 20. 1/3 beta glucan test and IOC for all opportunistic infections of AIDS 21. MGN, MPGN in combination with Pathology 22. Transfusion medicine and all IBQ of test series given in the end. Properly revising these topics will definitely help you answer the majority of the questions from Medicine in AIIMS-PG exam. Also Read: Infective Endocarditis- NEET PG Medicine For more detailed discussion on the above topics, download Medicine by Dr. Deepak Marwah The app includes video lectures covering entire Internal Medicine, Tests with Video Discussion, Question Bank, Free daily updates and much more. Stay tuned for more updates!!
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