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INI-CET Exam Analysis: May 2024 Session

May 20, 2024

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INI-CET Detailed Exam Analysis

How is the Overall Difficulty Level of the Exam Rated?

Were the Questions Easy, Moderate, or Difficult?

What Was the General Pattern of the Questions?

Which Subjects Had the Lowest and Highest Weightage?

How Many Questions Were Attempted?

Was the Exam Easy to Finish Within the Allocated Time?

How were Difficult Questions Framed?

Was Any Specific Strategy Employed During The Exam?

Was the All India INI-CET Champions Exam by PrepLadder Helpful?

Were the INI-CET LRR Sessions by PrepLadder Helpful?

What Was the Overall Exam Experience Like?

How was the INI-CET ‘24 Paper?

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INI-CET Detailed Exam Analysis

How would you rate the overall difficulty of the exam?

Were the questions easy, moderate, or difficult?

What was the general pattern of the questions?

Which subjects had lowest and highest weightage?

How many questions did you attempt?

Was the exam easy to finish within the allocated time?

How were difficult questions framed?

Did you employ any specific strategy during the exam?

Were the All India INI-CET 2023 Grand Tests by PrepLadder helpful?

How did you perceive the change in the exam pattern?

Recall Based Questions

INI-CET Detailed Exam Analysis: May 2023

INI-CET Exam Analysis

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INI-CET Exam Analysis

The Overall Difficulty Level of the Exam:

The pattern of the INI-CET 2022:

What Did the Candidates Say About the Questions?

Number of Attempted Questions:

Subjects with Low Weightage:

Subjects with High Weightage:


Difficulty Level of the Questions:

Specific Strategies Employed By Some Students:

Overall Exam Experience:

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