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INI-CET Detailed Exam Analysis: May 2023 

May 08, 2023

INI-CET Exam Analysis

The INI-CET exam was successfully held on 7th May 2023 by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences. The exam was conducted in online mode and consisted of a total of 200 questions which were to be answered in the given duration of 3 hours. 

Now that the exam has concluded, every medical aspirant who has taken the exam or aspires to take the exam next year is eagerly waiting for the analysis of the exam. The word is the exam this year was considerably harder due to the changing exam format and the high level of competitiveness.

Therefore, after speaking with students who appeared for the exam, we have created a detailed review of the difficulty level of the exam, the types of questions asked, and other important aspects of the exam.

Read this blog post further for INI-CET 2023 paper analysis. 

INI-CET Exam Analysis

Here's a detailed INI-CET 2023 paper analysis prepared from the data collected from our aspirants. Read on

How would you rate the overall difficulty of the exam?

The majority of students who appeared for the INI-CET 2023 exam found it to be ranging between moderate and difficult. As per our survey, 46.5% of the students found the exam to be difficult and an equal number of students found it to be moderate.

What was the general pattern of the questions?

According to 51.2% of the students, the majority of questions were conceptual. At the same time, around 25% of the paper was clinical-based and the rest were fact-based one-liner questions.

Were the questions easy, moderate, or difficult?

Upon asking the difficulty level of the questions, our students had mixed responses and some of the responses are attached below -

Which subjects had low weightage?

Anaesthesia, ENT, Radiology and Orthopedics had the lowest weightage in this year’s INI-CET exam. 

Which subjects had high weightage?

Questions from Pharmacology, PSM, Microbiology, OBG, and Medicine dominated this year’s INI-CET exam.

How many questions did you attempt?

Among the students we surveyed, 90.7% of students were able to answer between 150-200 questions in the exam.

Was the exam easy to finish within the allocated time?

The exam was relatively lengthy as compared to the NEET PG exam especially since the amount of time to solve the paper was also less. Yet, around 70% of the students were able to finish the exam in the allotted time.

How were difficult questions framed?

This time around, we saw a lot of unheard one-line based questions that were mostly fact-based. According to the survey, 41.9% of the paper had unheard one-liners and around 37% were easy questions but with difficult options to choose from. The exam also has clinical scenario-based questions but was limited to around 20%.

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Did you employ any specific strategy during the exam?

For those of you wondering what would have been the best strategy to tackle this difficult and lengthy exam, here are some tricks that our students employed -

Were the All India INI-CET 2023 Mock Tests by PrepLadder helpful?

77.9% of students who participated in the survey agreed that the All India INI-CET 2023 Mock Tests conducted by PrepLadder helped them with their exam preparations.

Tell us about your overall exam experience.

Overall, we received mixed responses from our students when they were asked to share their overall exam experience. You can catch a glimpse of their responses below -

Lastly, for those of you out there who are just setting out to prepare for next year's INI-CET exam, don’t miss out on our mega recall session of the exam. We are sure it will give you a deeper insight into what to expect from the exam and also help you plan your preparations better. 

You can also watch this recall video by our amazing faculty Dr Nikita Nanwani and gain some amazing insights.

Also, for the students who just appeared for the exam and are awaiting the result, all the very best! We sincerely hope that you bag a top rank and an amazing score.

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The INI-CET Exam for the July session 2022 was successfully completed on 8th May 2022.

While those who appeared are eagerly awaiting the results, we know that there are thousands of curious aspirants who are just setting on their preparation journey and are eager to get some first hand insights from their seniors. 

Well, that’s what we are here for! We did the legwork for you by getting in touch with some of the students who took the exam, conducted a survey, and have put together their responses to help you in the best way possible.

Here’s a quick exam wrapper with valuable student insights that will shed light on their overall experience and opinion. Take this opportunity to get acquainted with the exam pattern and understand what to expect. 

Learn from your seniors’ experiences and step up your prep.

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INI-CET Exam Analysis

The Overall Difficulty Level of the Exam:

50.9% of the candidates felt that the exam was Moderate.

48% of them found this year’s INI-CET exam Difficult.

Only 1.2% of the candidates found this year’s exam to be Easy.

INI-CET Exam Analysis

The pattern of the INI-CET 2022:

As per the survey, 53.8% of the questions were conceptual, 17.9% aimed at testing clinical knowledge and 28.3 % of the questions were one-liners.

INI-CET Exam Analysis

What Did the Candidates Say About the Questions?

Every student has a unique experience, which largely depends on his own exam preparation. However, here’s what majority of students thought about this year’s INI-CET Exam:

INI-CET Exam Analysis
INI-CET Exam Analysis
INI-CET Exam Analysis
INI-CET Exam Analysis
INI-CET Exam Analysis
INI-CET Exam Analysis

Number of Attempted Questions: 

There were 200 questions in all and as per the survey, the majority of the candidates 78%) attempted 150-200 questions. 20.8% of students attempted 100-150 questions, and only 1.2% of the candidates attempted 50-100 questions.

INI-CET Exam Analysis

Subjects with Low Weightage:

Following subjects had the lowest weightage in this year’s INI-CET exam:

  • Anaesthesia
  • ENT
  • Paediatrics
  • Ophthalmology

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INI CET 2023 Marks Distribution & Latest Exam Pattern

INI-CET 2023- Important Subject-Wise Previous Year Questions & Topics

Subjects with High Weightage:

Here are the subjects with the highest weightage-

  • OBG 
  • Pharmacology
  • Anatomy
  • Biochemistry


Time management is of utmost importance when it comes to acing an entrance exam. So, naturally we asked the candidates if the allocated time of 3 hours was enough to attempt all the 200 questions or not.

And, yes, 58.4% students found it to be sufficient, while at the same time 41.6% students thought otherwise.

INI-CET Exam Analysis

Difficulty Level of the Questions:

According to 49.7% of the candidates the questions were easy but had confusing options to choose from.

17.3% of the students found the clinical scenarios difficult.

32.9% of the candidates said that there were some one liner questions that they had not heard of before.

Specific Strategies Employed By Some Students:

INI-CET Exam Analysis 1
INI-CET Exam Analysis
INI-CET Exam Analysis
INI-CET Exam Analysis
INI-CET Exam Analysis

Overall Exam Experience:

Speaking of the overall exam experience, 83.9% of the students benefited significantly from the All India INI-CET PrepTest by PrepLadder. 

We are immensely delighted to discover that so many students benefited from PrepLadder as there were several direct repeat questions from the tests we conducted. This is just what inspires us to keep up with our efforts and persistently innovate ways to make learning as easy and engaging as possible. 

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Lastly, do not miss out on our excellent recall videos for INI CET. Stay tuned! 

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