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INI-CET Exam Analysis: November 2022 | Let The Runners Tell You About The Racetrack

Nov 15, 2021

INI-CET 2022 Exam Analysis by PrepLadder

With ‘AIIMS’ imprinted in their hearts, many doctors across the country appeared for the INI-CET on 14th November 2021. While they have concluded a significant chapter of their lives, many candidates aspire to walk on the same path in 2022. We understand your urge and curiosity to learn about the exam because your seniors’ experiences act as a guiding light and allow you to know what you can expect! 

We want you to save the valuable time you would have spent calling the doctors who appeared for the exam recently because we have got you covered!

We got in touch with approximately 10,000 candidates and compiled their responses to answer the questions you may have.

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ENT Residency

INI-CET Exam Analysis

The Overall Difficulty Level of the Exam:

46.9% of the candidates felt that the exam was Moderate.

45.9% of them found this year’s INI-CET Difficult.

Only 7.1% of the candidates stated that the exam was Easy.

INI-CET Exam Analysis

Pattern of the INI-CET 2022:

According to the analysis, 46.9% of the questions were conceptual, 32.7% aimed at testing clinical knowledge and 20.4 % of the questions were one-liners.

INI-CET Exam Analysis

What Did the Candidates Say About the Questions?

INI-CET Exam Analysis

Number of Attempted Questions: 

There were 200 questions in all and as per the survey, the majority of the candidates (80.6%) attempted 150-200 questions, 14.3% of them attempted 100-150 questions, and 5.1% of the candidates attempted 50-100 questions.

No. of questions attemptedPercentage of candidates

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Subjects with Low Weightage:

  • Anaesthesia
  • Psychiatry
  • Pediatrics
  • Ophthalmology

Subjects with High Weightage: 

The following subjects enjoyed the status of ‘high weightage’-

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Time management during an entrance exam can be very tricky. So we asked the candidates if the allotted time (3 hours) was sufficient to complete the test or not.

The good news is that the majority of the students (76.5%) were of the opinion that the allotted time was enough.

However, 23.5% of them stated that the given time was not sufficient to attempt all the questions.

INI-CET Exam Analysis

Difficulty Level of the Questions:

54.1% of the candidates stated that the questions were easy but had confusing options to choose from.

31.6% of them found the clinical scenarios difficult.

14.3% of the candidates said that the questions comprised some one liners they had not heard of before.

INI-CET Exam Analysis

Specific Strategies Employed By Some Students:

INI-CET Exam Analysis
INI-CET Exam Analysis
INI-CET Exam Analysis

Social Distancing:

After the country witnessed a devastating second wave of COVID-19, it is expected that the preventive measures are followed, but many candidates stated that social distancing was not practised at the examination centres as required.

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Overall Exam Experience:

INI-CET Exam Analysis
INI-CET Exam Analysis
INI-CET Exam Analysis

74.2% of the candidates stated that they benefited from the All India INI-CET PrepTest by PrepLadder.

It gives us immense satisfaction to learn that many questions were direct repeats from the test conducted by PrepLadder. This keeps us marching forward on the path of excellence with unwavering determination. 

The ‘thank you messages’ by the candidates who invested their faith in PrepLadder serve as the fuel of constant motivation and a great source of contentment.

A detailed video covering all the aspects of INI-CET is in the making.

So stay tuned!

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