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Important topics in Pharmacology

May 22, 2017

Important topics in pharmacology

Many students come up to us with queries about what to study and what not to study in Pharmacology for PG entrance examination. Pharmacology is a very diverse as well as very scoring subject, to get your desired PG seat you should have a good command on this subject and no topic should be left completely. However, there are some mandatory topics that must be revised in the final few days. The table below comprise of the list of all the “Must Know” and “Desirable to Know” topics you must go through before the exam.


GENERAL pH, pKa, ionizationBioavailability First pass metabolism Vd PPB Prodrugs CYP substrates, inducers, inhibitors Metabolic reactions Formulas First and zero order kineticsTDM Receptors types and examples DRC Pharmacogenetics Clinical trials Drug labels Orphan drugs Essential drugs Enzyme inhibition (competitive, non-competitive and uncompetitive)Types of antagonists Pharmacovigilance Evidence based medicine
ANS AChE inhibitorsOP Poisoning Sympathetic receptors location Catecholamines tableBeta blockers Anticholinergics Alpha blockersGlaucoma Rabbit practicals
AUTACOIDS AntihistaminicsPCM and aspirin poisoning DMARDsGout Migraine PG actionsOther NSAIDs
CVS DigoxinNew drugs for CHF Drugs decreasing mortality in CHF JNC 8 guidelines for hypertensionNew antianginal drugs Statins Pulmonary hypertensionAntiarrhythmics New hypolipidemic drugs
KIDNEY K sparing diuretics - Free water clearanceVasopressin antagonists
ENDOCRINE SomatostatinGnRH agonist and antagonist New antidiabetic drugs OsteoporosisSERM OCPs Mifepristone Antithyroid drugsOral hypoglycemic agents Adverse effect of steroids SPRM Anti-androgens
CNS Short acting BZDParkinsonism Multiple sclerosis Antiepileptic drugs Antipsychotic names and adverse effectsSSRI and SNRI TCA poisoning Lithium and mania Newer hypnotic drugsMAO inhibitors Opioids
ANAESTHESIA Local anaesthetics mechanism and special pointsSCh and NDMRs MAC and Bld gas partition coefficient Colour coding of cylindersPin index system Xenon Halothane Ketamine Spinal anaesthesiaNeurolept analgesia
HEMATOLOGY Anticoagulants specially new AntiplateletsFibrinolytics Iron deficiency anemiaGrowth factors
RESPIRATORY Bronchodilators DOC for different asthma types Theophylline
GIT Peptic ulcer Crohn’s and Ulcerative colitis Metaclopramide, domperidone IBS
ANTIMICROBIALS Important points (Review of Pharmacology 11th edition/page:380-382)Tuberculosis with RNTCP Malaria Mechanism of drug resistanceBeta lactams Aminoglycosides Fluoroquinolones HIV Hepatitis C TetracyclinesMacrolides Cotrimoxazole Leprosy Antifungal
ANTICANCER CCS and Non-specific drugsGeneral and specific adverse effects of anticancer drugs (Specially chemo-man cartoon) Monoclonal antibodiesTyrosine kinase inhibitors Newer anticancer drugs -
IMMUNOLOGY CyclosporineTacrolimus Monoclonal antibodiesThalidomide -
SPECIAL TOPICS New drugs approved in last 12 months (uses only)Anti-obesity drugs Erectile dysfunctionAnti-smoking drugs Treatment of HIT Treatment of hyperkalemia -
Also read: How to prepare for NEET PG in 6 months First, prepare these above mentioned topics properly and then if time permits go for other topics as well. In addition to that, we have also prepares a list of high-yield topics for other important subjects that you must go through once before the exam. You can find the same listed in the table below:
High-Yield Topics for Pharmacology High-Yield Topics or Radiology
High-Yield Topics for Pediatrics High-Yield Topics for Surgery
High-Yield Topics for Ophthalmology High-Yield Topics for Forensic Medicine & Toxicology
High-Yield Topics for PSM  
Hope this blog will help you in your preparation. Make sure to revise these topics by heart few days before your exam and also work on MCQs from our QBank Next Edition, which features high-yield questions as per the latest exam pattern. Give Your Best. Good Luck!!! More Updates Will Follow. Stay tuned to PrepLadder.
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