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Important Topics in Physiology for NEET-PG by Dr. Vivek Nalgirkar

Nov 21, 2018


Physiology is an important subject from Medical PG Entrance Exams perspective. It yields a high weightage in the exams. According to the recent official subject-wise marks distribution for NEET-PG, around 17 MCQ’s are expected from this subject. With a view to make your preparations more effective, we approached the famous faculty of Physiology, Dr. Vivek Nalgirkar to highlight important topics which are likely expected to be there in exam. Dr. Nalgirkar has himself prepared the list of the important topics mentioned below and has advised all of you to be thorough with these topics.

Important Topics in Physiology

Topics Sub-Topics
General Physio Transport processes, Body fluid compartments
Nerve Muscle Sarcomere Energetic in muscle
CVS Cardiac cycle Pressure & volume changes during cardiac cycle Cardiac output
RS Lung volumes & capacities V/Q ratio Oxygen transport and 02- dissociation curve Respiratory center Effects of lesions
Excretory system Clearance GFR Tubular functions & counter-current Micturition and bladder types
GIT Composition of juices GI hormones
Endocrine & reproductive Pituitary (GH) Thyroid Insulin Receptors of the hormones Testosterone & estrogen actions
CNS Neurotransmitters Ascending tracts Cerebellum Hypothalamus Sleep and EEG
Special Senses Visual pathway Eye movement
Miscellaneous Cardio-respiratory changes in exercise Effects of ‘g’ Effects high and low barometric pressures
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