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5 Reasons why Candidates FAIL to Clear PGMEE

Nov 05, 2015

NEET PG will be way more competitive that AIPG ever was. More than 1 lakh competitors are expected to take NEET PG this year, whereas AIPG was taken by only 75,000 candidates. Why is it that most of the candidates fail to clear the exam? In this post we will cover the reasons. Experts at PrepLadder will give you a few substantial reasons on why aspirants are not able to get an MD/MS seat of their choice in their first or second attempt. Strive not to commit such mistakes when you appear for NEET PG in December this year.

Reasons to Why the Aspirants FAIL to Clear the PGMEE Exam

1. Are not aware of the entire competition

Examinees or test takers take the PGMEE exam casually and go unprepared not knowing the about the competition. This time in PGMEE 2015, around 80,000 candidates are competing for 5,500 seats; this means less than 7% selection rate. Out of this, many seats are for reserved categories and almost half are non clinical. But when you prepare at home or in your institute, you are competing against very less students. This is not a good number to get a taste of reality.

2. Candidates are sometimes weak in a particular subject

It is usually seen that candidates are so weak in a single subject that they waste a lot of time trying to answer those questions and eventually leave questions un-attempted. Many people don't even always know their weak subject. The only way to address this problem is by practicing and knowing your weak areas. Also Read: How to intelligently guess answers in PGMEE

3. Time Management issues

Candidates feel that 3 hours are not sufficient to attempt 300 questions. The exam anxiety makes it even more difficult to attempt 100 questions in 60 minutes in PGMEE. The way you manage your time becomes the deciding factor of whether you will clear the exam or not. Here's how to manage time in NEET PG exam. One of the biggest drawbacks confronted by many candidates for their inability to clear the exam is –

4. Non Familiarity with the Online Platform

The candidates are used to giving the test in the traditional mode of paper – pen and the presence of online platform makes them uneasy. It is seen that aspirants have been and are unaware on how to operate the software used to take the exam.
  • A few test takers did not know how to mark a particular question or how to review the marked questions.
  • Test takers find it difficult to scan all questions of the exam.These candidates will not be able to clear the cut – off because while everyone else will be answering the questions they will be struggling with the software.
Now all this could have been avoided if they would have practiced more and well on a competent Online Testing Platform before the AIPG exam. Also Read: 5 Tips to overcome anxiety before NEET PG Exam Top 5 NEET PG Preparation Tips That Will Guarantee A Good Rank

5. Candidates do not focus on accuracy and speed while solving Mock tests:

It has been observed that while taking mock tests and while solving previous year papers, candidates do not focus on accuracy and speed. To keep a check on speed, you should set a timer and then start solving papers. This way you will come to know how long are you taking to solve the mock tests and how many questions you leave unsolved. Always, there would be some questions that you would have to guess in order to solve the ones you are totally sure of. Therefore, not just speed but accuracy too plays a vital role in clearing the exam. Also Read: Problems faced by Medical PG Aspirants

A piece of advice for the Repeaters of PGMEE

Use your knowledge/experience to your advantage and prepare well in advance. You must be knowing where you went wrong and what to expect and by now you also know which areas to work on. You must have covered the syllabus by now and have enough time to fine tune your attempt strategy. In addition, you also know how to schedule your studies well and this all will go handy in planning in advance and in planning well. Clearing PGMEE with a good rank is no big deal if you keep these common errors in mind and are able to overcome the above mentioned hurdles successfully.
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