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Genitourinary Radiology- Horseshoe Kidney,  Micturating/Voiding Cystourethrography, Breast Imaging   

Apr 26, 2023

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Horseshoe Kidney  

Duplex Collecting System 

Polycystic kidney disease (Autosomal dominant)

Medullary sponge kidney 

Retroperitoneal fibrosis 

Retrocaval Ureter

Papillary necrosis 

Retrograde urethrogram

Micturating/Voiding cystourethrography

Bladder Appearances in Different Conditions

Neurogenic Bladder Tear drop Fetal skull appearance

Genitourinary TB

Thimble bladder

Emphysematous pyelonephritis


OHSS vs Theca Lutein Cyst


Twin pregnancy

Endometrial polyp

Breast Imaging

Previous Year Question

Q. 35-year-old patient comes to the emergency room with vomiting and colicky abdominal pain. On investigation the following image is obtained. Likely diagnosis is? (FMGE Dec 2020)

Q. Identify the investigation and Diagnosis? (NEET JAN 2020)

Q. Diagnosis is based on the image shown? (FMGE Dec 2020)

Q. A 35 year old female presents to you with a history of nausea and vomiting. She is undergoing IVF treatment, What is the likely diagnosis? (NEET Jan 2020)

Q A 45-year-old female present with abnormal uterine bleeding. USG is shown here. What is the likely diagnosis ?  (INI CET 2020)

Q The Most appropriate View for Mammography?  (FMGE 2021)

Q A 30 year old with motor vehicle accident presented to the causality with pelvic fracture. His vitals are stable but he is unable to pass urine. He has blood at the urethral meatus. An RGU was performed as shown below. What is the most likely site of urethral injury? (NEET PG - 2022)

Q. A delayed intravenous urogram of the patient is shown. What is the most likely diagnosis? (NEET PG - 2022)

Q. A 22 year old female with primary infertility underwent HSG examination and shown below. What is the diagnosis ? (NEET PG - 2022)

Genitourinary Radiology- Horseshoe Kidney , Micturating/Voiding cystourethrography, Breast Imaging
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