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Super Speciality in Surgical Gastroenterology: Merits, Demerits, Career Scope & More

Oct 21, 2022

Super Speciality in Surgical Gastroenterology

Is Surgical Gastroenterology a good career? That's exactly the question we are here to answer today.

Surgical Gastroenterology is a super speciality that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. It is a branch of medicine that is constantly evolving, with new discoveries being made all the time. 

Moreover, Surgical Gastroenterologists are in high demand, and this is only expected to increase in the future as the population ages and more people suffer from conditions like Crohn's disease and Colorectal Cancer. 

But the answer to the question, 'Is Surgical Gastroenterology a good career?' is not straightforward. Of course, like any career, there are both advantages and disadvantages to working as a gastroenterologist. On one hand it is a very rewarding field with excellent job prospects, and on the other hand gastroenterologists are often required to work long hours, including nights and weekends.

So, if you are considering a career in Surgical Gastroenterology, it is important to weigh both the pros and cons carefully before making your decision. In this article, we will explore all aspects of a career in Surgical Gastroenterology and then you can decide for yourself whether it is a good career or not.

Dive in.

NEET SS surgery elite plan


  • It is an extension of general surgery
  • Full of interventions
  • Cases are mostly complicated, requires different angle of management
  • Constantly evolving and advancing
  • Can set up clinical practice in Tier-1 or Tier-2 cities


  • Except for HPV cases, all other cases are very well managed by general surgeon
  • Lot of overlapping and competition
  • Dependency on a good pathologist, oncologist and radiologist
  • Lack of cases because not referred
  • Learning curve is longer
  • It’s a branch of interventions, so one must be ready to accept failures

Is Gastroenterology a good career?

GI Surgery has come a long way after its rather uncertain beginning in the early 1980s. Surgical Gastroenterology is now a firmly established superspecialty that most qualified surgeons opt for over cardiac, neurosurgery and even urology.  

Due to the increasing number of patients with gastroenterological issues, gastroenterologists have become high in demand both in private and government hospitals. Gastroenterologists also have ample work opportunities as faculty members in medical research institutes and medical colleges/schools. Plus, the option of opening up your own practice is always available for more enterprising individuals.

Furthermore, its profile has also been raised by the technological advancements, interventions and complex procedures that are performed by GI surgeons.

Further Courses After DM or DNB

  • 1 year course
  • 6 months course
  • 4-6 weeks course
  • Post doctoral fellowship in motility disorders
  • Post doctoral fellowship in pancreatology
  • Post doctoral fellowship in advanced endoscopy
  • Post doctoral fellowship in US and US guided procedures
  • Fellowship in liver transplant
  • 1 year training in transplant hepatology
  • Short term courses like endosuturing ex. endoscopic management of obesity and endoscopic management of reflux disease
  • These are some courses , but to achieve excellency will take few years

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Things to Consider Before Opting Gastroenterology

So is Surgical Gastroenterology a good career choice? Well, we are not ready to answer this question yet. There are a few things we need to consider making a decision.

Surgical Gastroenterology is a medical specialty that requires an aspirant to be a subject matter expert in their field. Advanced education and training are also a must. Besides being well qualified, you must stay updated with the latest prevailing causes and treatment of diseases relating to gastrointestinal organs.

In addition to skills and knowledge, you must have a desire to serve patients, be compassionate, self-motivated, and must be prepared to work under pressure for long hours. Self-confidence, discipline, patience, decision-making, interpersonal skills, knowledge of the field, analytical skills, and commitment to excel are some other important prerequisites to becoming a gastroenterologist. 

Top Institutes to Pursue Gastroenterology Super Speciality

If you are pursuing Gastroenterology Super Speciality make sure you do it from a top institute as it comes with several avantages. You get good exposure, opportunity to participate in international conferences and to publish papers. Following are some of the top institutes you should be targeting: 

  • PGI Chandigarh
  • CMC Vellore
  • AIIMS Delhi
  • AIG Hyderabad

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What Makes Gastroenterology the Most Demanding Subject?

  • Lot of options to specialize in 
  • No Saturation
  • Financially rewarding since you get a fixed salary plus procedure salary
  • In procedure you get paid based on the complexity and procedure

How Important is Doing Minimal Surgeries During Residency?

  • You should have exposure in order to decide your field of interest, but hands-on experience is not as important.

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Books for Entrance Preparation for Surgical Gastroenterology

Efficient NEET SS preparation that will enable you to achieve a top score and get admission into your chosen speciality and preferred speciality will require studying from the best resources. Below are some highly recommended books for entrance preparation for surgical Gastroenterology.

  • Blumgart’s
  • Shackelford
  • Sebastian in General surgery

And that is everything you need to know about whether Surgical Gastroenterology is a good career or not. We hope this blog has helped you in deciding a branch or in any other way that brings a positive change in your preparation.

In addition to the books mentioned above you can also refer to our video lectures and QBank on the PrepLadder app for strengthening your preparations.  

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