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1 Day to FMGE: Conquer Your Exam-Fear

Jan 19, 2024

1 Day to FMGE Conquer your exam fear

As the countdown begins with just 1 Day to FMGE, the looming exam fear is quite obvious. In the final stretch before the examination, it is time to transform exam apprehension into a confident leap toward success. 

So, it is time to gear up, focus, and conquer the FMGE, isn’t it? With just a day left for the big day, we are assuming you have already downloaded the admit card FMGE 2024, and if not then you must first learn how to download the FMGE admit card 2023. 

To help you cope with the last day before the exam, we’ve created this blog so you know what to focus on instead of dwelling on exam fear and anxiety. 

Read the pointers below: 

Take enough time to rest & sleep

Just the day before the exam you must give your mind enough time to rest as panicking would only hamper your performance no matter how hard you have worked days before the exam. 

A relaxed mind retains maximum information and can perform to its full potential. Also, as now the countdown to the exam has begun make sure to not learn anything new and instead focus on revising. 

The best way to relax and unwind is by listening to slow and relaxing music. Try it- relaxing music is known to lift moods instantly. 

Take breaks during study intervals

Breaks are best to prevent mental fatigue, burnout and retain information more effectively. Regular intervals help enhance focus and maintain higher levels of concentration, and alertness. Therefore, incorporating breaks is a must for optimal outcomes. 

Fuel success by eating proper meals

The significance of proper nutrition cannot be overstated. To function optimally the brain needs a constant supply of nutrients and vitamins and this can only be achieved by taking a balanced diet. 

We are listing some must-have foods in your diet including flaxseed oil, walnut, trout, salmon, catfish, tuna, shrimp, etc. as these contain high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids. 

Want to know why Omega 3 fatty acids are important? Well, this ensures overall well being of your brain and supports mental stamina. 

Although you might find eating sweet sugary foods and drinks tempting, you must completely refrain from its consumption as these foods could make you crash. 

Revise, do not learn anything new

Just a day before the examination it is best to revise, revise, and revise. Learning anything new would only leave you confused and worried. By advising you to revise, we also do not mean that you must overdo it. 

Solving FMGE QBank is one of the most effective ways to recall and practice what you already know. 

Do not compare your preparation with your peer

Comparing your revision with your peers will not only increase your stress level but also make you feel insignificant. 

Before doing this you must remind yourself that we all are different individuals and have different capacities to learn and retain information. The overall outcome of the exam depends not solely on the amount of material studied, but rather on the depth of understanding gained through thorough learning

No late-night revisions, please!

If you are planning to do this you are only planning your doom. The night before the exam you must give yourself complete rest, so you can sit for the exam with complete calmness, confidence, and focus. 

Remember that conquering exam fear is as crucial as mastering the subject matter. Embrace the journey ahead with confidence, reminding yourself of the hard work and dedication that brought you to this point. Take a deep breath, enter the examination hall with complete focus as it is your time to shine through! Good Luck. 

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