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Game Plan to Prepare Clinical Subjects for FMGE

Jul 27, 2016

Game Plan to Prepare Clinical Subjects for FMGE

FMGE is a screening test of licensure nature conducted by the NBE for the foreign medical graduates of Indian origin who are desirous of practising medicine in India.

The difficulty level of the FMGE exam has substantially increased over the years and candidates often claim that the exam is of the ‘post-graduate’ level.

Candidates often find the clinical subjects as the toughest owing to their vast syllabi.

Most of the candidates fail to clear the exam owing to lack of a correct preparation strategy for the Clinical subjects.

This article will share the game plan to be followed for preparation of Clinical subjects of FMGE.

FMGE Mock Test

Game Plan for Clinical Subjects Preparation

Everyone must be aware of the fact that the Clinical subjects constitute a major part of the FMGE syllabus.

The importance of the clinical subjects can be gauged from the fact that they constitute the specialities one aims to take up in the future.

Therefore, Clinical subjects preparation is a highly herculean task and demands meticulous planning, Immense dedication and SMART WORK instead of HARD WORK.

9-Step Guide for Clinical Subjects Preparation

1. Review Previous year papers & Figure out the Important Topics

This is the foremost step prior to commencing your preparation for FMGE. You must first go through the previous year papers and track down the subjects with their weight age in the exam.

Going through the previous papers will also help you to analyse the difficulty level of the exam and also identify the types of questions asked.

2. Gather the right Reference Material

You must then collect the reference material for the clinical subjects. It is preferable to follow the textbooks used during the MBBS. This will greatly ease understanding and learning.

Besides books, you might also refer to the study material and video lectures available online.

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3. Prepare a Study Schedule and Set Priorities

You must then devise a study schedule on a weekly or monthly basis. Assign a fixed number of chapters to a week or a month and strive to complete the assigned topics as per the schedule.

You must also assign priority to the subjects. Try to prepare the subjects in the decreasing order of weight age.

4. Focus on Clearing the Concepts

Figure out the subjects which are purely conceptual and focus on attaining conceptual clarity.

5. Take Short Notes through the Preparation

You must take notes through the preparation. Take notes of all the important formulas, concepts and shortcuts.

This will greatly facilitate revision and also help to retain concepts till the exam.

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6. Use Visual Aids for Preparation

You must also use graphs, diagrams, charts and other visual aids while taking notes. Visual Aids greatly enhance retention power.

7. Practice MCQs

You must practice MCQs as much as possible on every Clinical subject. Practice MCQs from a variety of competition books. This will familiarise you with a wide variety of questions. Also, this will help you learn the application of concepts.

8. Take Online Mock Tests

Start attempting mock tests of online pattern at least 2 months prior to the exam. Check your performance after each attempt and identify the weaker areas. Work on your weak areas.

Also, strive to enhance your speed and accuracy with each attempt.

9. Adequate Revision

You must ensure that you devote at least 2-3 months to Revision. Revise all the important concepts, formulas and shortcuts. Go through all the topics at least once or twice. Revise from the notes taken during the preparation.

We are sure that the aforesaid tips will surely help the aspirants to streamline their preparation for clinical subjects of FMGE.

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Stay Tuned for more important tips and news on FMGE.

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