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How I Doubled My Score in 6 Months to Clear FMGE?

Jul 20, 2016

6 Months to Clear FMGE
We wanted to know what is so exceptional about the few candidates who are able to get through the FMGE screening test. Is it some source of inspiration, strategy or merely luck? We wanted to explore the secrets behind the success of the candidates who clear FMGE. So we approached Dr. Sumita Aggarwal who had been both successful and unsuccessful in FMGE. This article will cast light on how Dr. Sumita Aggarwal converted her failure in FMGE December 2015 into success in FMGE June 2016. Let’s have excerpts from the success story... Prepladder: Hello! Tell us something about yourself? Dr. Sumita: Hello, my name is Dr. Sumita Aggarwal. I hail from Maharashtra and I have completed my MBBS from Kursk State Medical University, Russia. I was a mediocre student in MBBS. Also read: Best Books for FMGE 2017 preparation  Prepladder: Was the June 2016 exam your 1st attempt at FMGE? Dr. Sumita: No, it was my second attempt. I had earlier appeared in FMGE in December 2015. I had started my FMGE preparation during my internship days. I preferred self-study to taking coaching. I prepared with full dedication for FMGE 2015. However, I only secured 87 marks in FMGE 2015 and was not able to get through. I felt a little disheartened but I remained optimistic and did not quit. Before commencing my preparation for FMGE 2016, I began to figure out the areas where I lacked and what was wrong with my preparation strategy. Gradually, my efforts paid off and I was successful in getting through FMGE 2016. I managed to almost double my score in FMGE 2016 from 87 to 161. Prepladder: Kindly tell us what strategic approach you followed for FMGE 2016? What different did you do for FMGE 2016. How did you manage to double your marks? Dr. Sumita: I followed a smarter strategy for FMGE 2016. These are the list of things which I did differently:
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1. Reviewed Previous Year Papers

Going through the papers helped me to figure out the exam pattern and the difficulty level of the exam. Moreover, it helped me identify the topics with their weight age perspective.

2. Concentrated on High Yield Topics

I had identified and made a list of the most important and high-yield topics. I focused and devoted my time only to the important topics. This way my preparation was exam oriented and I wasted no time studying less important topics. Download the list of most important topics for FMGE
FMGE Elite Plan

3. Devised a Study Plan and Religiously Followed it

I prepared a weekly study schedule and assigned topics to each week. I started off with my weakest subjects since the syllabus was very vast and it was difficult to grasp everything. I also made it a point to revise everything that I studied on the same day as well as on every weekend to attain grasp over every subject.

4. Notes Served as the Biggest Asset during Revision

One activity which accompanied my preparation was my habit of taking note. I made it a point to take notes of all important concepts, formulas and shortcuts in my own words. This greatly helped in boosting up my revision. Also read: How to make high yield notes for FMGE

5. Online Tests were a Life Saver

One factor which inhibited my success in FMGE 2015 exam was my non-familiarity with the online test platform. I specifically struggled in time management during the exam since I was accustomed to pen and paper mode during my preparation. For FMGE 2016, I started attempting mock tests 2 months prior to the exam. This immensely helped me get accustomed to the online platform and also helped me to improve my speed and accuracy substantially. Attempting online tests also helped me figure out my weak areas. I tracked my performance after every mock test and worked on my weaker areas. I attempted both full-length and subject tests to strike a balance between speed and accuracy

6. Devoted 3 Months time to Revision

I completed the entire syllabus 3 months prior to revision and devoted the last 3 months only towards revision and practice. I revised each topic thoroughly and practiced sufficient MCQs on each topic. Also read: 3 Month Revision Plan for FMGE

7. Revised all the Volatile Topics in the last week

In the last week prior to the exam, I revised all the volatile topics which were not concept based. This greatly helped me in boosting my exam score. By following all the aforesaid techniques, I managed to almost double my score from 87 to 161 in FMGE 2016 exam. Also Read our blogs for FMGE Preparation :
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Prepladder: Thank you for sharing your precious strategy with us. On the finishing front, What message would you convey to the FMGE aspirants? Dr. Sumita: My message would be that work hard, stay optimistic, stay persistent and prepare with complete focus and determination. I was never the smartest student in my class. If I can do it, you can too. All the Best!
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