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Important Topics in Orthopedics for NEET-PG by Dr. Apurv Mehra

Nov 06, 2018

After sharing the important topics for various subjects like PharmacologyPathology, PSM etc, we have been receiving constant requests from the students to share the important topics for Orthopedics. Hence, we asked help from one of the most renowned faculty member and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Apurv Mehra to cast some light on this. Dr. Apurv Mehra is a well-respected orthopedic surgeon who is an expert orthopedic. He is an outstanding teacher, world-class scholar and a dedicated mentor. He has exceptional academic skills and has given a list of following important topics that are must for PGMEE.

Important topics in Orthopedics

Topic Sub-Topic
Imaging · Periosteal Reactions* · Investigations for stress fracture · Osteomyelits and Bone Tumors
Infections · Osteomyelits · Pyogenic Arthritis · Actnomycosis
Tuberculosis · Pott’s spine* · T.B. Knee & Hip
Bone Tumors · Diagnosis especially Benign Tumors* · Management Malignant Tumors* · Bone Cyst
Sports Injury Cruciate ligaments and Meniscal injuries
Amputation · Symes · Choparts · Lisfranc
Traumatology 1.Complication · Compartment Syndrome · Crush Injury · Fat Embolism · Sudecks dystrophy · Myosits Ossifications 2.Upper Limb: · Dislocation*- Shoulder and Elbow · Fractures*- Clavicle, Humerus, Supracondylar humerus, Lateral condyle humerus, Colles and Carpo metacarpal injuries 3.Cervical Spine Injuries 4.Lower Limb: · Dislocations*- Hip and Knee ·Fractures*- Hip, Femur shaft, Patella, Tibia and Calcaneum · Ankle Sprain 5.Treatment- Nails, Screws & Wires
Avascular Necrosis* and Osteochondritis Neuromuscular Disorders · Polio · Disc prolapsed · Bursits and other inflammatory disorders · Dupuytrens contracture
Metabolic Disorders · Rickets & Osteomalacia* · Osteopetrosis and Pagets* · Osteoporosis* and Hyperparathyrodism · Achondroplasia* · Osteogenesis imperfect
Arthritis · Osteoarthritis* · R.A* and Ankylosing spondylitis* · Gout* and Pseudogout · Charcots Joints
Nerve Injuries · Erb’s Palsy · Ulnar*, Median and Radial Nerve · Entrapment syndrome- Carpal tunnel and Meralgia Paraesthetca
Pediatrics Orthopedics   · DDH*, Perthes* & Slipped capital femoral epiphysis · CTEV* · Genu Varum
*Topics important for Image-based Questions Go through these above-mentioned topics first, then if time permits study other topics as well. Hope this blog will help you to have an idea about what to prepare in Orthopedics for PGMEE. Also Read: ‘Instill the power of attitude & passion in you’ by Dr. Apurv Mehra  For more such tips, download Orthopedics by Dr. Apurv Mehra Get it here: Download on Android Download on iOS devices Best Wishes!! Team PrepLadder