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NEET Exam Preparation: Best NEET Entrance Exam Tips and Sample Papers

Mar 20, 2020

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The NEET entrance exam is the most awaited exam for aspirants who will take admissions in medical courses every year. There’s a chance that some will crack it in one go and some won’t. Also, the number of applicants keeps increasing every year which has made it tougher to crack the NEET exam. Whatever is the outcome of the exam, an aspirant should remember that their NEET preparation does not go waste. If you aim to get a seat this year, then one needs to do smart work based on the priority and weightage given to each topic. Smart work coupled with dedication and hard work will make the best strategy for exam preparation. Given below are a few tips along with NEET model question papers which will help you to bring out the maximum output from your study hours in order to stay ahead of your medical examination competitors. Let these tips and tricks enable you to develop a learning strategy that will be fruitful enough to bring about the results which will ascertain your success in the NEET examination this year. With the changing trends in the NEET examination pattern, let this list of study tips help you become an exam ready to follow the perfect strategy which will bring about the best results. Given below is a list of NEET exam preparation tips which one must follow religiously in order to crack the NEET exam:

1. Building exam preparation goals: 

Setting goals before you start your exam preparation still remains as the first and foremost thing as it helps you to know where you’re going and how much you have to finish in a given period of time. This can also help in setting a positive atmosphere for you every time you complete a goal in the assigned period of time. Make sure to question yourself about what your goal really is? Is the goal that you’ve set before achievable or realistic? How many efforts are required in fulfilling the goal that is set before you? If all these questions are answered successfully, then develop a study plan with the clarity of your goal set in mind.

2. Make an effective exam study plan

Time management plays a crucial role in your NEET exam preparation. Most aspirants fail in making proper use of their time. Proper utilization of time helps in making an effective study plan that will help an aspirant to crack their NEET exam. An effective study plan is one that is built with keeping proper time management in mind. Equal time should be allotted to each subject with some time allotted for attempting NEET question papers. Following this will enable you to reach your goals and make the most of the time given to you. Moreover, following a proper study plan will help you be at ease.

3. Take breaks at regular intervals 

You need to realize that even though you’re determined to prepare for your NEET exam, you’re also a human being. This body needs rest otherwise there is a possibility for it to shut down when it’s oversaturated. To avoid being in such a situation, make sure to take short breaks at regular intervals in between your study. This will not only help to refresh your mind but also increase your work efficiency. So, one can say that taking breaks is essential if you wish to maintain an optimum level of concentration. A break will help your mind and body to relax so as to get back to a mode of receiving. But, be cautious that you don’t give breaks a higher priority than your study. Do not let your break time hamper your productivity.

4. Choose the online mode of study

With the technological outburst, the majority of individuals are now opting for the online mode of studying rather than the traditional model. Most individuals love to highlight textbooks. These are still important but when time is at stake it would be better to study online and to read from notes rather than making them from scratch.

5. Attempt NEET-PG sample papers

The best way to check your preparation for the NEET exam would be to appear for a lot of NEET question papers. Lack of exam preparation analysis could have a negative impact on your study. So, it would be better to test yourself at regular intervals while studying. It would be best to test yourself topic wise as this will help you to know your strong and weak points.

6. Focus on your health

Your health-be it physical, mental, and emotional should be of your topmost priority. You will not be able to study if your mind is not in the right place. Only a healthy mind has the capacity to retain all the topics that you study. Make sure to get enough sleep and keep your mind and body healthy.

7. Remain positive

A good and positive attitude is what will help you by boosting your confidence to study efficiently. A positive attitude will have a major impact on your study. It will not only affect your mind but also your efficiency. The way you approach and retain your topic-wise learning. An optimistic attitude will help you to face difficult times when you feel over-saturated with courage and renewed strength.

8. Study with a partner

Having a study partner will help you to seek guidance from your friends or any study partner who will help you out in your exam preparation. Make sure to choose a partner who will not distract you. It is crucial to be wise when choosing a study partner. Be clear about your intention to have a study partner. Let this intention be clear, both to you and your partner. If this is sorted out, then you have nothing to worry about as both of you and help each other in doubt clearing and also have healthy competition amongst yourselves.

9. Make lessons interesting

We all know that studying for long hours for the NEET examination can get boring and monotonous at times. The best way to beat the boredom is to make your study interesting by building mnemonics. These will not only help to make your study interesting but also enable you to retain all that you are studying. You can also try making your study interesting by being innovative in understanding several topics. You can study a particular topic like a story and narrate it.

10. Building a proper study schedule

Building a study schedule for your NEET exam preparation should be on your topmost priority as having a proper schedule will enable you to create a proper exam preparation environment with everything in order and sort out. You will know what to study, when to study and how to study. In order to build this, make sure to find a calm and composed place which will help you to gather all your thoughts and think wisely. These are a few pointers that one should not neglect during their NEET preparation. High yielding topics: Emphasis should be laid on high yielding topics as this will help you to do smart study. It is a smart study that will help you reach heights. Make sure to be well aware of the high yielding topics in the NEET examination pattern. Be thorough with the syllabus and the topics that have a high weight-age in the examination. Make sure to study these topics well and master them. Make good notes: If you have enough time before your NEET examination like a year or so. Then we would suggest that you make your own handwritten notes as this is the most important part of your NEET exam preparation. Remember that these are the notes that will help you to revise in the last days of your final examination and revision plays a major role in your success. So, remember to build good and understandable notes which you can easily refer to during your revisions. Selecting the right books for your NEET preparation A NEET aspirant to be well aware of all the books that are available for a particular subject but also, make sure not to fall into the trap of buying all of them. Let’s be honest, you don’t have that much time to read from so many resource books. The best thing to do would be to stick with one resource book. Doing this will help you to focus on one thing at a time.  Keeping too many resource books will make you confused and will divert your mind. So, study one resource book and complete it properly.  Revise well All of your learning is incomplete if you have not revised your topics properly. Revising your study notes plays a crucial role in your NEET examination success. This will enable you to recall all that you’ve studied up until now and will help you retain all of it on the day of your exam. The majority of the aspirants get so involved in their study that they forget to test themselves by giving online mocks or reviewing sample papers. Going through sample papers will help you be aware of the kind of questions that are asked in the NEET exam. It will also make you aware of the changing trends in the NEET examination pattern throughout the year. This will give you an idea as to what you can expect on the examination day. Another benefit of giving online mock tests is that they will give you an overview of the number of questions that you left unattempted or the number of questions that were correct.

Different phases during NEET exam preparation

The different phases of study during the NEET examination preparation can be divided into three categories namely: Phase 1: This is your initial study stage which lasts for about 6 months( this is variable depending on your grasping speed). It usually takes one more time to study as this would be the first time that they would be studying the topics. Make sure to cover the lengthy topics during this phase. Phase 2: This is your first revision stage after you have completed your first study. Make sure to revise all the topics that you have studied during this time. This phase should come every time you finish studying your complete syllabus. Revision is a must as it will help you to develop a habit of recalling all that you have studied up until now. Phase 3: Phase 3 includes the last three months of your study which should only be reserved for revision, revision, and revision. Make sure not to fall into the temptation of starting to study a new resource book. Phase 4: This stage involves a lot of practice of all the topics that you’ve previously studied. It is rightly said that it is a practice that makes a person perfect. This quote is true in this case as well. Practicing will help to boost your morale and enable you to study with the confidence that you require to crack the NEET exam in the first go. Make sure to practice well and develop accuracy during this last stage to attempt questions properly on the examination day. Thus, leaving no stone unturned. So, why wait any longer? Make the most of the above mentioned NEET examination tips that will help you to reach new heights and fulfill your dream of becoming a doctor. Make sure to follow all these tips religiously as they will not only help you in your study but will also keep you positive. Happy Studying! Important: NEET PG 2023 Result PDF
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