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Burn Resuscitation And Management - NEET PG Surgery

Apr 6, 2023

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Indications of Referral to dedicated burn center


Areas of cutaneous injury in burn

Burn Classification (based on depth burn)

First degree burns

Second degree burns

Third degree burns

Fourth degree Burn

Causes of Death in burns

Danger Signs of Airway Burns 

Management of burn patient 

Fluid resuscitation

IV fluid Resuscitation

Calculation for fluid requirement 

Parkland Formula

ATLS modification of Parkland formula

Brooke Formula


Monitoring of fluid resuscitation 

Estimation of burn surface area 

Lund & Browder chart

Berkow’s formula

Palmar method

Care of burns patient 

Cool the burn wounds

Management of burn wounds 

Exposure method




Management of Chemical Burn

Electrical Injury

In Direct current (DC)

In Alternate current (AC)

Q. Al of the following are correct about management and complications of burn except

Q. Which of the following patient should be referred to designated burn center for the management?

Q. Match the following

Q. A 50 year old female with 50 kg body weight suffered from burns after pressure coocker blast, involving 60% of total body surface area, how much fluid should be given in first 8 hr ?

Q. In the above ques. Calculate the second day fluid requirement?

Q. All of the following are correct about estimation of burn size except

Burn Resuscitation And Management - NEET PG Surgery
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