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Struggling to balance PG residency and Neet SS preparation? Read this.

Feb 27, 2023

Struggling to balance PG residency and Neet SS preparation? Read this.

Constantly dealing with patients during the day and preparing for the Neet SS exam in your free time and, in the end, leaving little time for rest! 

If you can relate to this, then this blog is a must-read for you. 

Through this blog, you will learn how to balance your Neet SS preparation while managing your residency in a medical college and the key resources you need to crack the SS examination.

NEET SS medicine elite plan

How busy are 1st-year PG residents?

If you are a junior resident in your first year, you will be tasked with doing petty jobs along with dealing with patients. Whether you like it or not, there is no choice when it comes to doing petty jobs because you occupy the junior-most position in the college. 

Moreover, during your first year, you will find no time at all for yourself. Your schedule will probably be so hectic that managing even two meals daily might be difficult. Only from the second year onwards will you find extra time to relax. 

Before we move ahead if you haven’t finalized your branch for SS, here is a blog on selecting a branch for SS and residency subject that might help.  

Moving on, no matter what, if you plan on clearing the Neet SS exam, you must squeeze in 2-3 hours of study time daily in your first year. This will help you to build a habit of studying and continue that momentum into the second and third years. 

Therefore, consistency is the key to cracking the SS examination. In the second part of this blog, we shall discuss some tips you can use to manage your time and complete your studies. 

Dr Santhosh M. Patil, our resident exam strategies and subject expert for General Medicine, Endocrinology at PrepLadder, has a few suggestions to simplify your Neet SS preparation and help you ace the exam. 

Let us go through it in the next section. 

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Attempt over 90% of questions with this resource

According to Dr Santhosh M. Patil, Harrison’s is the standard textbook you can use for the SS entrance exam. You can primarily focus on Harrison’s as Neet SS examiners ask most of the questions from this text. 

As our renowned faculty and exam strategist, Dr Santhosh M. Patil says, reading Harrison’s alone has helped many Neet SS students bag a single-digit rank. Further, he assures that reading Harrison’s in-depth will allow students to answer almost 90% of the questions in the super-speciality exam. 

Watch the complete video below for more information on planning your first-year residency with a focus on preparing for Neet SS by Dr Santhosh M. Patil.

Planning first-year PG residency with a focus on Neet SS - Dr Santhosh M. Patil.

Can’t read at work? Watch video lectures based on Harrison’s 

If your busy schedule gives you no time to sit and read or you have trouble following Harrison’s for your Neet SS exam, PrepLadder’s video lectures are here to help you. The entire architecture of PrepLadder’s Neet SS video lectures directory is largely based on the pattern followed by Harrison’s. 

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This makes the video lectures highly relevant for the exam and an excellent revision or study resource for your SS preparation. With PrepLadder’s video lectures, you can now simplify your Neet SS preparation and study anytime. 

This brings us to the second part of this blog - Tips to manage your time during residency and study for the Neet SS exam. 

5 tips to manage your time between residency and studying for the Neet SS exam

We all know that preparing for the Neet SS exam and managing the demands of a rigorous residency can be challenging. However, with careful planning and time management, it is possible to balance both commitments effectively. 

Below are five tips Neet SS aspirants can use to manage their time between their residency and studying for Neet SS. 

Prioritize and Schedule 

As PG doctors, you must learn to prioritize your time effectively. You have 24 hours, and you have to schedule time for doctor duties, personal activities, and NEET-SS preparation. To make it easier, you can use calendars and apps on your phone to schedule your time and ensure consistency in your preparation.

Create a Study Plan

After you plan your day, the next step is to plan your studies. Find out the best books for Neet SS Surgery, Medicine, Pediatrics or the subject of your choice, study the syllabus, break it into smaller topics and allocate time for study and revision of each topic. This will help you manage your time and stay on track. 

Utilize Your Free Time

If you want to master the Neet SS syllabus, you must use every opportunity you can. Whenever you find free time during your residency, such as lunch breaks or downtime between patient visits, try to squeeze in some time for studying. If reading is a hassle, you can watch a quick video on the PrepLadder App or attempt mock tests to keep your memory sharp. 

Online Resources are here to help you

You can’t take a fat medical textbook everywhere, but you can carry your phone with you. There are myriad resources online, and you can access most of them on the PrepLadder App. 

Anything from video lectures, mock tests, clinical case discussions, comprehensive notes, custom modules or flash cards (treasures) for revision.  

These resources are available 24/7, and you can access them from anywhere and any time you want. 

Seek Help and Support

Seek help from the people around you, including college seniors, family members, or close faculty who can help you prepare. They have a lot of wisdom and study techniques to share, which will double your efficiency. 

And last but definitely not least, stay healthy.

As PG doctors, you will have much on your plate, including your residency and studies. In the middle of it all, health must also be your top priority. For without health, all your hard work fails. 

Exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet, and get enough rest to stay healthy and energized.

To conclude, balancing residency and Neet SS preparation is challenging. But as your seniors and all the candidates before you have proven, it can be done. With careful planning and time management, achieving your goals and performing splendidly in your PG residency is possible. 

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