Zoology Important Topics For NEET-UG

Nov 08, 2021

NEET-UG Zoology Topics

NEET-UG is one of the most challenging competitive examinations in India. Each year, lakhs of students attempt this exam to turn their dreams into reality. Biology turns out to be a significant subject in the NEET and is further divided into two parts- Zoology and Botany. It is needed to have a thorough knowledge of Zoology and Botany to become a doctor. Due to the theoretical nature of Biology, it is easier to score marks in biology than in Physics and Chemistry. Furthermore, it represents half of the NEET-UG exam as 360 marks alone are allotted to the Biology section comprising 100 questions. 50 questions are asked from Botany and 50 questions from Zoology.

Today we will discuss the important topics for NEET-UG Zoology. Try to understand and focus more on NEET-UG Zoology to score more in this section in the final exam. 

Subject-wise Marks and Questions in NEET-UG

But before moving forward, let's have a look at the marking scheme and number of questions for the NEET-UG exam subject-wise:

SubjectNo. of QuestionsMarks

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Zoology Most Important Topics For NEET-UG

Zoology is often considered a challenging subject by most medical aspirants. NEET-UG aspirants find the subject Zoology as uninteresting hence this subject should be prepared very well. PrepLadder NEET-UG Dream Team always works hard to provide quality education to its dreamers.

Important Topics For NEET-UG Zoology and Past Three Years Weightage

Biology in NEET-UG is essential, and it is bifurcated into Botany and Zoology, and both are essential. The Zoology section weightage of all chapters included has been given in the table below:

NEET-UG Zoology 2021 Weightage

Unit and TopicNumber of QuestionsWeightage in Percentage (%)
Animal Kingdom37.50%
Chordates and Hemichordates12.50%
Animal Morphology12.50%
Animal Physiology12.50%
Frog Reproductive System12.50%
RNA processing12.50%
Artificial Vector12.50%
Horse Evolution12.50%
Human Health and Disease37.50%
Immune System25.00%
Infectious Disease12.50%
Human Physiology1640.00%
Circulatory System12.50%
Digestive System37.50%
Endocrine System410.00%
Excretory System25.00%
Nervous System25.00%
Respiratory System12.50%
Sense Organs12.50%
Skeleton System25.00%
Human Reproduction12.50%
Male Reproductive System12.50%
Microbes in Human Welfare37.50%
Industrial Products12.50%
Sewage Treatment12.50%
Reproductive Health25.00%
Artificial Fertilisation12.50%
Contraceptives Method12.50%
Strategies for Enhancement of Food Production25.00%
Animal Husbandry12.50%
Artificial Selection12.50%

NEET-UG 2020 Zoology Weightage

Zoology Chapters and TopicsAverage no. of Questions from the ChapterWeightage of the Chapter and Topic (In Percentage)
Animal Diversity310%
Animal Tissue13%
Structural Organisation in animals12%
Human Physiology1345%
Human Reproduction & Reproductive Health518%
Origin & Evolution310%
Animal husbandry13%
Human Health & Diseases39%

NEET-UG 2019 Zoology Weightage

TopicsNo. of QuestionsPercentage (%)
Animal Kingdom37.50 %
Animal Morphology12.50 %
Animal Physiology12.50%
Biotechnology 37.50%
Human Health & Diseases37.50%
Human Physiology1640.00%
Human Reproduction12.50%
Microbes in Human Welfare37.50%
Reproductive Health25.0%
Strategies for Enhancement of Food production25.0%

Tips from NEET-UG Toppers and Experts to Study Zoology

NEET-UG aspirants are advised should know the most important topics/chapters before start preparing for Zoology and are suggested to consider the below-mentioned points to score well for NEET-UG Zoology:

  • Start by NCERT textbooks
  • Dedicate more effort to prepare for those topics with a high weightage like Genetics and Biotechnology, Ecology,  and Plant Physiology.
  • Stick to the NCERT book for cockroach, frog and earthworm.
  • Find a Zoology mentor
  • Revise regularly
  • Master the diagrams
  • Practice mock test and previous year sample paper

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Over the past years, it has been observed that the Biology section of the NEET-UG exam is comparatively easy, and students find the Biology section to be less challenging because 80-85% of questions in NEET-UG exams are directly picked from the NCERT syllabus. Hence, candidates who are proficient with the Biology NCERT textbooks are assured of scoring well in the Biology section. 

Upgrade your Zoology preparation for NEET-UG with PrepLadder and enjoy quality learning. To assist students with their NEET preparation, we bring chapter-wise weightage of Zoology concepts as the NEET-UG Biology syllabus is vast. PrepLadder constantly tries to provide you with endless possibilities to practice and learn!

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