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Strategies To Enrich Your Brain For FMGE

Sep 02, 2017

Nothing seems more difficult than being the master of your mind especially in a time when it comes to examination. Year’s long hard work goes in vain when you are unable to recall the stuff you have been struggling to remember since long. There are manifold ways to memorize and recall the same at the time required but it demands a chunk of backbreaking work with a methodical and logical approach. Here we are with few brain-enriching strategies which will assist the aspirants in fulfilling their aspirations.  
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Brain Enriching Strategies 

1. Be focused 

Have a clear idea in your mind as to why you are studying and what are you studying? Focus on your target to clear the examination.

2. Organize 

We all know the fact that remembering or recalling a story is far simpler than a monotonous paragraph, thus organize the fact given in such a way that it gives it more or less like a tale structure in which each step is related to other, so that one just need to remember the general idea of the information provided and rest can be memorized by organizing the data from general to specific or complex to simpler. Moreover, it’s not mandatory to remember each and every data given; one can filter the important information and memorize the required.

3. Prepare time table

Divide the entire important topics you wish to cover within the available time by preparing a time table. Stick to the time table, if some topics are left out, allot a few days in the end to cover such topics. Time for daily and complete revision should also be available.

4. Build correlations

Correlating the facts or the information or one subject with another or new subject with the old one is an easy- breezy way to improve memory as well as grasp the information for longer duration as by correlating the information a candidate will already get a basic idea of the subject or the topic and the extra information will just be an add on to the existing one.  

5. Be fully charged up

It has been proved scientifically that an individual remember 90% of what he does, 75% of what he visualizes and 20% what is audible to him, thus we can memorize maximum by doing. One must be fully charged up while he is involved in the learning process with least environmental disturbance and all the required material within reach to avoid time wastage. Make a proper sitting arrangement and involve your whole body while learning, studying while standing is an effective way if one can opt for. While learning if your whole body is involved, memorizing the information given becomes easier. Also Read: Preparing for FMG Exam : Memory Hacks to Remember All 19 Subjects

6. Avoid stress

As we all know that studying medicine is not a bed of roses, it needs a lot of commitment and backbreaking work, but to win the battle, the key is to be relaxed. Relaxation, it's a state of mind when you are completely alert and free from any distractions. To relax one must sleep adequately, eat a nutritious diet, and should involve in mild exercises such as yoga or meditation daily.

7. Use visual aids

As already discussed, the human brain will remember 75% of what is visualized, thus to remember the information accurately and for longer duration use of images, figures, and flowcharts are worthwhile, especially in subjects like anatomy and physiology. These images will immediately flash in your mind, as you will encounter the related question.

8. Be audible to yourself and repetition

To master the subject and avoid forgetfulness, make it a point that whenever you are studying you are able to hear yourself as using more than one sense improves understanding as well as grasping. To fix the information into your brain repletion at regular interval is necessary.

9. Jotting down

Time is precious, the secret of success in FMGE is to make maximum use of the hours available, inculcate the practice of writing down whatever is important and useful, it will not only save the time the next time you revise but will even improve retention.

10. Silence is the key

As discussed earlier, calm and quiet surroundings are manifold to study effectively, improve understanding, and increase retention. Thus, an aspirant who wishes to break through the obstacles must study in an environment free from external disturbances. Also Read our blogs for FMGE Preparation :
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11. Improve your efficiency

Never ever think you are done with the information given, be inquisitive, search for new/complete information about the topic, as a medical stream is vast like an ocean and the information you have been provided is equal to the spoonful. This will not only improve your knowledge but will even enhance your skill and accuracy.

12. Same day revision

Inculcate the practice of revising the same day, as the studies have shown revision within 24 hours will improve the chance of memorizing the information over 70%.

13. Study during peak energy time

As discussed earlier, one tends to study more efficiently and retain maximum information if he is fully charged up that is when he has a maximum energy level. Self analyzation is the way to schedule your daily routine, find the time of the day your mind is completely fresh and allot that time to study the most difficult subjects.

14. Study Interval

Studying with short breaks in between is an effective and an efficient strategy to retain the information, once you feel the brain is saturated, take a small interval, relax and then get back to work, this will not only enhance the sitting but will even improve the retention. Every individual has a different capacity some can study continuously for 2 hours, while others may need a break after every half an hour.

15. Be optimistic

Believe in yourself, believe in your capabilities, how much harder the task is to recite to yourself “I can do it”, this will give positive energy to work and make the task how much harder is it, achievable. Never let the negative thought over cloud you, negativity lower down your energy level and make you futile.

16. Sieve and study

Always study what is required, studying unwanted material is a mere waste of time, filter the topic to study with the help of previous year question papers and mock tests or take guidance from anyone who has cracked FMGE. Schedule the subjects/topics according to the vitality and weightage.

17. Combine memory techniques

Using one or more senses, taking short breaks, thinking positively and studying with a relaxed mind are a few memory enhancing techniques, which when used in combination induces the synergistic effect.

18. Brainstorming

Brainstorming is a way to enforce the brain to think and resolve the problem. Thus, before you start with the given information brainstorm yourself with the information you already have, as most of the topics in medicine are interrelated, this will not only help in better understanding of the subject but will even ensure retention.

19. Maintain the information

In medicine, there is a vast ocean of information, thus it tends to fade away as you move ahead, to avoid this try to write or speak or discuss the information. Review the noted information regularly to ensure long term retention.

20. Encourage yourself

If you are unable to remember anything, do not underestimate yourself, brainstorm and try to remember with the help of related topics and soon you will be able to recall, compliment yourself this will boost your confidence. For every individual, the memorizing techniques differ, thus one has to observe which technique suits him the best and memorize with the help of that technique. Hope this blog will help you in your preparation for FMGE. Best Wishes Team PrepLadder
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