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FMGE Previous Year Questions for PSM

Jul 20, 2023

FMGE PSM previous years questions

When it comes to last-minute exam preparations, the most effective approach is to adopt a targeted strategy that concentrates on high-yield topics likely to be asked in the exam. And what better method to identify these high-yield topics than by reviewing previous year questions? In this blog, we will comprehensively cover all the FMGE previous year questions for PSM, enabling you to effortlessly master the subject.

FMGE Mock Test

FMGE Previous Year Questions - PSM

  1. Vaccines given at birth?
Pentavalent, MR, HibBCG, OPV, MR
BCG, OPV, Hepatitis BBCG, IP, Hepatitis B

Correct Answer: BCG, OPV, Hepatitis B

2. A 28 weeks pregnant woman with a 2-year old child gives a history of completing required antenatal vaccinations during her previous pregnancy. Which of the following would you recommend for her current pregnancy?

Give a booster dose of TTGive a booster dose of Td
Give 2 doses of TTGive 2 doses of Td

Correct Answer: Give a booster dose of Td

3. Two vaccines - Measles and pentavalent vaccine are used during an immunization programme. Which of these vaccines has to be discarded?


Correct Answer: Measles

4. A study was conducted to compare MMR vaccine history in children with autism and children without autism. What kind of study is being done here?

Cross sectional studyCohort study
Case control studyClinical trial

Correct Answer: Case control study

5. A study to determine the association between maternal smoking histories from pregnant women during their antenatal visits and then subsequently assessing the birth weight for their babies soon after delivery. What type of study is this?

Prospective cohortCross sectional study
Case controlCross sectional

Correct Answer: Prospective cohort

6. An intern has to study the relationship between ordering food online and development of obesity using a case control study. What are the best study groups to be selected?

Only obese personOnly online food eaters
Obese and non-obese personsOnline food eaters and non-online food eaters

Correct Answer: Obese and non-obese persons

7. Which of the following is used to estimate relative risk (RR)?

Case control studyCohort Study
Randomized controlled trial Cross-sectional study

Correct Answer: Cohort Study

8. In the following flowchart which point is the usual point of diagnosis?

diagnosis flowchart

Correct Answer: Y

9. Positive predictive value is most affected by?

Specificity Relative risk

Correct answer: Prevalence

10. Which of the following is true regarding the single exposure point source epidemic?

Has more than one incubation periodHas multiple peaks
Explosive in natureSlow rise and fall

Correct Answer: Explosive in nature

11. A 40 year old female with no comorbidities complaints of swelling in both her legs which was acute in onset. She also gives a history of loose stools. Het family members too have similar symptoms. On examination there were no signs of inflammation in both the legs. Detailed history revealed that mustard oil is a staple part of their diet. Which of the following substances is responsible for her condition?

Clavine alkaloids Sanguinarine
BOAAPyrrolizidine alkaloids 

Correct Answer: Sanguinarine

12. All of the following can be used to treat Khesari dal toxicity except?

Ban cropToxin removal
Vitamin CDEC

Correct Answer: DEC

13. A worker in the groundnut factory developed food poisoning after he ate some stale groundnuts which were stored in the factory. What is the most probable cause in this person?

Beta oxalyl amino alanineSmoke from factory 

Correct Answer: Aflatoxins

14. Which of the following biomedical waste is disposed of in a yellow bag?

Blood BagGloves
SharpsUrine bag

Correct Answer: Blood Bag

15. According to the biomedical waste disposal guidelines, the used cotton swabs should be disposed of in the ___ colored bag. 

Blue Transparent

Correct Answer: Yellow

16. A compounder was throwing out some biomedical waste in a white bag. Which of the following could have been disposed of in it?

Anatomical WasteSharp Waste
GlasswarePlastic Waste

Correct Answer: Sharp waste

17. A nurse spills blood on the floor. What should be used to disinfect it? 

Cresol70% ethyl alcohol
1% sodium hypochloriteGlutaraldehyde

Correct Answer: 1% sodium hypochlorite

18. Highest birth rate is seen in which stage of demographic cycle?

Stage IStage II
Stage IIIStage IV

Correct Answer: Stage I

19. Identify the image

Demographic transition model
Population cycleEPIDEMIOLOGICAL transition model
Family cycle Demographic transition model

Correct Answer: Demographic transition model

20. What phase of the demographic cycle is the low stationary phase of the demographic cycle?

Phase 1Phase 2
Phase 2Phase 4

Correct Answer: Phase 4

21. Registration of birth and death rate in National level by

Civil Registration SystemSRS

Correct Answer: Civil Registration System

22. All of the following statements are true about PHC except

There is 1 PHC per 30,000 population in plain areasType A PHC conducts <20 deliveries per month
Provides maternal and child health care, family planning and MTPIs the first referral unit

Correct Answer: Is the first referral unit

23. In India’s healthcare system. What are the first referral centers?

Primary health centers and district hospitalsMedical colleges and district hospitals
Community health centers and medical collegesSub-district hospitals and community health centers

Correct Answer: Sub-district hospitals and community health centers

24. All facilities provided at CHC except

Specialist present like surgeon Blood storage facility present
1st Referral UnitsGenetic care interventions

Correct Answer: Genetic care interventions

22. Eligible couple registers are maintained at which of the following centers?

Sub-centreDistrict Hospital

Correct Answer: Sub-centre

23. The minimum requirements of a health worker job are given: should be a woman, a resident of the village, 25 to 45 years old, and have a formal education till 10th standard. What is the health worker called?

Anganwadi workerMPW
DaiAccredited social health activist

Correct Answer: Accredited social health activist

24. In rural areas, one ASHA worker is assigned to a population of ___ people. 


Correct Answer: 1000

25. The pregnancy test kit launched by the government is called: 


Correct Answer: NISCHAY

26. The best way to plot trends in the incidence of diarrheal disease in a given areas by.

Line graphHistogram
OgiveTree Diagram

Correct Answer: Line graph

27. The following diagram charts the population change over years from 1983 to 1989 in a given place. What is the statistical diagram used here?

population growth bar chart
HistogramLine diagram
Component bar graphMultiple bar graphs

Correct Answer: Component bar graph

28. The following type of representation of data is used for which kind of variables?

Continuous variables representation of data
Normal Discrete
Continuous All of the above

Correct Answer: Continuous

29. In a normal curve, what is the percentage of the distribution that falls within one standard deviation of the mean?


Correct Answer: 68%

30. An underweight adolescent girl is found to have the following finding on her ocular examination. What is the WHO grade for this finding?

ocular examination

Correct Answer: 1B

While this blog only covers the previous year's questions for PSM, we've also crafted an extensive post encompassing FMGE previous year question papers for the past three exams. PDFs of FMGE Previous Year Question papers are also available to help you strengthen your exam readiness.

31. Which vitamin deficiency causes xerophthalmia, a condition which causes dry eyes?

Vitamin AVitamin B
Vitamin CVitamin D

Correct Answer: Vitamin A

32. An 8-month old baby on examination shows signs of vitamin A deficiency. What is the dose of vitamin A to be administered to the baby?

25,000 IU IM25,000 IU orally
100,000 IU orally100,000 IU IM

Correct Answer: 100,000 IU orally

33. In a particular village people are complaining of diarrhea, dementia and a rash on exposure to sunlight. On questioning it was reported that their diet consists of the majority of maize. What is the diagnosis in this case? 

Thiamine deficiencyAscorbic deficiency
Cyanocobalamin deficiency Niacin deficiency 

Correct Answer: Niacin deficiency 

34. A patient presented with a rash and diarrhea for 2 months. Identify the deficiency?

Niacin Deficiency patient
Vitamin B12 deficiencyVitamin C deficiency
Niacin DeficiencyVitamin D deficiency

Correct Answer: Niacin Deficiency

35. Which of the following is not a trace element?


Correct Answer: Calcium

36. The incisors of a child who has white patches on them which later turned brown are due to excessive supplementation of which of the following?

Vitamin AChlorine

Correct Answer: Fluorine

37. A 45-year old man living in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh presents with the following lesions on his teeth. What is the most likely diagnosis?

lesions teeth

Correct Answer: Fluorosis

38. Identify the given logo below?

Bureau of Indian Standards logo
AGMARKBureau of Indian Standards
Food Corporation of IndiaFSSAI

Correct Answer: Bureau of Indian Standards

39. Which of the following statements is true about health propaganda?

It is actively acquiredIt appeals to emotions
It is behavior centeredIt aids in developing a reflective behavior

Correct Answer: It appeals to emotions

40. When information is used to spread a particular systemized doctrine or a political viewpoint to instill it in the minds of the people, what is it called?

Health doctrineHealth propaganda
Health educationHealth information

Correct Answer: Health propaganda

41. A handwashing awareness session was conducted in a community. The correct sequence of events here is:


Correct Answer: Awareness>interest>evaluation>adoption

42. During a vaccination drive, a male patient asks the presiding doctor if the recommended vaccine can lead to impotency. What type of barrier will the doctor be addressing?

Physical barrierEnvironmental barrier
Physiological barrierCultural barrier

Correct Answer: Cultural barrier

43. The best method of teaching an urban slum about ORS is - 

LectureRole Play
Flash CardsDemonstration

Correct Answer: Demonstration

44. 4-8 speakers talk about a specific topic in front of a large audience. There is no particular agenda, set speech, or order of speaking. In the end, there is interaction with the audience. What is this mode of communication best known as?

Panel discussionSymposium

Correct Answer: Panel discussion

45. A 35 year old man is unable to walk after an accident. His unemployment is classified as a-


Correct Answer: Handicap

46. A person going for a self-health check-up at a hospital as his father died last week due to ischemia. Which level of prevention is this?

Primary Primordial 
Secondary Tertiary

Correct Answer: Secondary

47. A government plans to outline tobacco control laws. What is the level of prevention here?

Primordial preventionPrimary prevention
Secondary preventionTertiary prevention

Correct Answer: Primary prevention

48. Hand washing during COVID-19 is what level of prevention?

Primordial preventionPrimary prevention
Secondary preventionTertiary prevention

Correct Answer: Primary prevention

49. A 45-year old healthy man with a history of small streaks of blood in his stools is being sent for a colonoscopy to screen for colon cancer. This type of prevention is - 

Primary Tertiary

Correct Answer: Secondary

50. True about PQLI?

Literacy rate, birth rate, life expectancy at birthLife expectancy at 1 year, IMR, literacy rate
Life expectancy at birth, income, literacy rateSoon to be replaced by GNP

Correct Answer: Life expectancy at 1 year, IMR, literacy rate

51. What is the current percentage for spending on health as a proportion of GDP of the country?


Correct Answer: 2%

52. The number of maternal deaths per 100,000 live births is called - 

Maternal mortality rateMaternal mortality ratio
Infant mortality ratePerinatal mortality rate

Correct Answer: Maternal mortality ratio

53. The most common indirect cause of obstetric death is 2023

Puerperal sepsisPre-eclampsia

Correct Answer: Anemia

54. Infant mortality rate is defined as no of infants deaths for every

1000 live births100000 live births
100 live births10000 live births

Correct Answer: 1000 live births

55. According to WHO, what is the minimum number of antenatal visits?


Correct Answer: 8

56. According to the school health program, the minimum area for each student in a classroom should be?

5 sq. ft.10 sq. ft.
15 sq. ft.20 sq. ft.

Correct Answer: 10 sq. ft.

57. All of the following are minimum standards for sanitation of schools and its environment in India except

Desks to be of ‘Minus type’Combined doors + windows area = 25% of floor space area
Maximum 40 students per classroomOne urinal for 10 students and one latrine for 25 students

Correct Answer: One urinal for 10 students and one latrine for 25 students

58. The school health programs are managed by which of the following?

Primary health centerDistrict hospital
Sub-centerSub-divisional hospital

Correct Answer: Primary health center

59. Social factors and disease causation?

SociologySocial pathology

Correct Answer: Social pathology

60. A doctor is teaching an intern on how to do the knee reflex properly and a demonstration is done. The intern is asked to learn the skills as it is very important in clinics. What type of learning is this?

Cognitive learningPsychomotor learning
Affective learning Repeated learning

Correct Answer: Psychomotor learning

61. A surveyor visits a household consisting of a 35-year old man, his wife who is 6 weeks pregnant and a 3-year old child. The man’s brother along with his wife is currently visiting them for a month owing to winter vacation. What type of family would the surveyor classify the household?

Joint familyNuclear family
Extended familyThird generation family

Correct answer: Nuclear family

62. A couple has given birth to their first child. Based on the nuclear family cycle, which phase is the family entering into?

ExtensionComplete extension
ContraceptionCompleted contraception

Correct Answer: Extension

63. A researcher who was studying plasmodium species decided to visit the malaria-epidemic place in Odisha after 2 days to do his clinical study for 5 weeks. Which of the following drugs need to be taken as prophylaxis before visiting the malaria-endemic place?


Correct Answer: Doxycycline

64. What is the health insurance package provided for an eligible family per year, in the Ayushman Bharat scheme?

5 lakhs per family per year4 lakhs per family per year
6 lakhs per family per year3 lakhs per family per year

Correct Answer: 5 lakhs per family per year

65. Identify the logo in the image given below - 

Suraksha clinic logo
International red crossSuraksha clinic
National AIDS control programmeFamily planning campaign

Correct Answer: Suraksha clinic

66. Zika virus is transmitted by:

Aedes aegyptiCulex
Anopheles Phlebotomus papatasi

Correct Answer: Aedes aegypti

67. The shelf life of copper T 380 A is

3 years5 years
7 years10 years

Correct Answer: 10 years

68. Which of the following is an absolute contraindication for the device shown in the image below?

absolute contraindication device for vaginal bleeding
AnemiaVaginal bleeding
Uterine malformationsUterine fibroids

Correct Answer: Vaginal bleeding

69. What is the content present in the given contraceptive image?

Nonoxynol 9 women contraceptive
LNGEthinyl estradiol
Nonoxynol 9EE + LNG

Correct Answer: Nonoxynol 9

70. Duration of barrier contraceptives after vasectomy is?

3-4 weeks4-5 weeks
8-12 weeks12-14 weeks

Correct Answer: 12-14 weeks

71. An 8 weeks pregnant woman, working in an industry, consults a doctor. According to the ESI act, what is the duration of maternity leave that she can take?

4 months28 weeks, starting from 4 weeks after delivery
26 weeks, starting from 8 weeks before delivery9 months

Correct Answer: 26 weeks, starting from 8 weeks before delivery

72. A patient presents to an ESI hospital for treatment. Under the ESI Act, he/she is treated under which benefit?

Sickness benefitMedical benefit
Maternity benefitDependent’s benefit

Correct Answer: Medical benefit

73. A worker with a history of 30 years working in a cardboard manufacturing firm develops breathlessness and cough. X-ray shows mottling in lungs. Disease most likely is- 


Correct Answer: Bagassosis

74. A 50 year old man who was working in the dye industry with exposure to aniline dyes presented with bladder problems. What is the most probable diagnosis?

Squamous cell carcinomaBasal cell carcinoma
Transitional cell carcinomaAdenocarcinoma

Correct Answer: Transitional cell carcinoma

75. The insect shown below is a vector for a disease that is targeted under the National vector borne disease control programme. Identify the disease.

Japanese encephalitis
ChikungunyaVisceral leishmaniasis
Malayan filariasisJapanese encephalitis

Correct Answer: Japanese encephalitis

76. In a triage system, highest priority and dead patients are respectively color coded by. 

Black and redBoth Black
Red and blackBoth red

Correct Answer: Red and Black

77. A pregnant lady presented to the casualty after she was scratched by a street dog while she was walking on the streets an hour ago. She has only some minor abrasions with no bleeding. What treatment should be offered to her?

No treatment as she is pregnant nowOnly local wound cleaning
Local wound cleaning and rabies vaccineLocal wound cleaning, Rabies vaccine and immunoglobulins

Correct Answer: Local wound cleaning and rabies vaccine

78. A patient comes in with a history of category 3 dog bites. He received prophylaxis for a monkey bite 6 months back. What is the next step in management?

Wound cleaning onlyWound cleaning + rabies vaccine on day 0 & 3
Wound cleaning + rabies vaccine on day 0, 3 & 7Wound cleaning + IM vaccine + RIG

Correct Answer: Wound cleaning + rabies vaccine on day 0 & 3

In order to enhance your understanding of these PYQs make sure you review the explanations for all the correct as well as incorrect options. Watch the following video by Dr Neha Taneja. 

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