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Cell Injury and Cell Death - NEET PG Pathology

May 2, 2023

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What is Cell Injury?

Types of cell injury

Causes of cell injury are

Stage of cell injury

What is Reversible cell injury?

Failure of sodium potassium pump

Myelin figures

What is Irreversible cell injury?

Severe membrane damage

Cell Death


Types of necrosis

Coagulative necrosis


Subtypes of Infarct

Liquefactive/Colliquative Necrosis

Caseous necrosis

Fat necrosis

Fibrinoid Necrosis



Physiological Apoptosis is seen in

Pathological apoptosis is seen in

Pathways in Apoptosis



Salient Features of Apoptosis

Tunel Technique

Gel Electrophoresis



Necroptosis/ Programmed Necrosis

Conditions where necroptosis is seen

Cell injury and cell death
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