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How to make a Realistic Study Plan for PGMEE? (that you will actually follow)

Oct 29, 2015

A study plan is the first thing you need to manage PGMEE preparations and your internships, job or private practice. A doctor’s profession demands a lot of hardwork and dedication. Without a custom study plan, it is next to impossible to stay on track for PGMEE preparation. PrepLadder experts have made a sample study plan to help you crack AIPGMEE, DNB CET and AIIMS PG in your first attempt. You can adjust this plan according to your strengths and weaknesses in each subject.
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A Study Plan will help you to: 

1. Keep track of the syllabus you need to cover before the final exam 2. Track your overall progress 3. Help you decide if you need to spend more time on any particular subject 4. Help you achieve your dream seat!

Create a study plan

There is no single study plan that will be applicable to all. A study plan must be developed keeping in mind your current preparation status and the goal you want to achieve.

Benefits of a Study Plan

A realistic study plan for PGMEE, according your needs, is very necessary because it will help you to schedule and support the way you learn. Also, a realistic plan will help you to study at your own pace and enhance the learning process. Generally, students feel stressed as the exam approaches. A study plan will help you minimize stress and study effectively. The first step in making a study plan is to figure out how much time and effort you must dedicate to studying for the exam by asking the following questions: 1. How much time is available? 2. How much time can you devote every day? 3. How much syllabus is to be covered and how much you have already covered? 4. What is your performance target? 5. How much time you want to dedicate for revision of the syllabus? 6. How much time you want to dedicate to practice?

Adhere to the above steps and follow a study plan for PGMEE

After finding the answers to the above questions, make a list of what, when and how much you will study each day. If you keep up with the study plan, you will have time for revision also but if due to some reason you could not follow the study plan, then you must dedicate time to practicing more.

Do you want us to customize a study plan for you?

If you need any help in making a study plan, you can take PrepLadder's free All India PGMEE Grand test. Our advanced analytics will pin point your weak subjects and areas to help you prepare a more efficient and customized study plan built around your needs that is sure to work for you. Prepare through small, well-planned steps. Accomplish each step, build upon them. Then use these accomplishments as additional benefits and motivators to move you closer to the final achievement. Also read our blogs on high-yield topics (subject-wise) for NEET PG 2024 Preparation:
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