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How to prepare for NEET-PG at Home amidst COVID-19?

Apr 28, 2021

prepare for NEET-PG With this many candidates are wondering how to prepare for NEET-PG entrance exam during this pandemic. Even the parents are worried about their children's future. The outbreak of the COVID-19 has left the whole nation in fear. The lockdown has led to the closing down of all the educational institutes, thus forcing NEET-PG aspirants to stay at home. With this many candidates are wondering how to prepare for their NEET-PG entrance exam during this pandemic. Even the parents are worried about their children's future. 

To ease your worries, we have come up with some tips that will help you cope up with your NEET-PG preparation while being at home during such crucial times with the help of online coaching.

Here are a few tips that you can follow to continue your medical entrance exam preparation at home amidst the pandemic.

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1. Make your own private study space

Before you start your exam preparation at home, make sure to carefully select a space in your house that is free from all distractions.

Pro Tip: Having a personal study space helps in better concentration and retention of topics.

2. Make up for the lost time

Take this period as an opportunity to make up for the lost time. Utilize this time at its best by building a proper daily schedule for studying and break time. Make sure to study every single day without skipping even a single day.

Pro Tip: Add short breaks to your long study hours to boost efficiency.

3. Be consistent in your online classes

Consistency is the key! Do not miss out on even a single video lecture. The PrepLadder application has a feature that allows you to be aware of your exam preparation by letting you know the number of modules you have completed.

Pro Tip: Consistency in your NEET-PG exam preparation will boost your confidence and keep you right on track. 

4. Doubt clearing made easy

Clear all doubts easily while sitting at home. Make sure not to neglect any topic which you find difficult to understand. Do not pile up your doubts rather consult your teacher online and clear your doubts easily. PrepLadder enables easy doubt clearing.

Pro Tip: Don't let your doubts linger on. Get them cleared from PrepLadder's Dream Team. They're just a click away.

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5.Practice the Qbank thoroughly 

Practising is what helps you perfect your topics and this has been made easy with the help of online coaching. PrepLadder's Qbank 3.0 will enable you to attempt more clinically oriented questions, build accuracy, and get detailed explanations to the questions.

Pro Tip: Qbank 3.0 launching on 7th May 2021. Check out the new features here

6. Stick to your schedule

Build a study schedule and develop a habit to follow it religiously for your NEET-PG exam. Sticking with a particular schedule will make it easier for you to develop a good habit and continue with it even after the lockdown period is over.

Pro Tip: Build good habits which will last a lifetime. Use this time being at home to your privilege by developing a good study habit.

7. Get proper sleep

Make sure to not be awake for long hours at night. Have a proper sleep cycle which will help you concentrate better. Get enough sleep, a minimum of 6 to 7 hours every day that will help you to study efficiently. 

Pro Tip: Getting proper sleep will help refresh your mind and enable you to retain better.

8. Analyze your preparation every day

At the end of every day, analyze your exam preparation as to how much time you spent on a particular time or the total number of hours you spent studying today. 

Pro Tip: Analysing your study will help you recognize where you lack and enable you to make changes in your schedule at an early stage of your preparation.


Stay home, stay safe and prepare online with PrepLadder! 

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