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The Path That Follows NEET PG

Sep 27, 2021

The path to follow after neet pg 2021

1.6 Lakhs doctors across the country appeared for the NEET PG on 11th September 2021, with every pair of eyes beaming with the same dream. However, securing a rank good enough to land a Medical PG seat in the branch of one’s dreams is challenging and rare.

If your performance in the exam failed to mirror your expectations or if your big PG dream seems to slip away from you, it’s time to reorient your plan to excel next time! All you need is the right guidance that will take your Medical PG preparation to the next level, the level where your dream seems closer and absolutely achievable.

Disappointed after NEET PG 2021?

Reorient, Reboot, and Rewrite the New Chapters of Excellence 

1. NEET PG 2021 Analysis ladder

Allow yourself to feel the ache, fear of failing again, and every inevitable emotion that is a consequence of your disheartening NEET PG 2021 experience. However, do not let any of this come in your way of making it large and get the best of you. 

  • Take some time and after having given your time to get over the bygones, check the answer key of the exam, take a look at your wrong answers, and analyze where you went wrong. This activity will enable you to identify your weaknesses and help you take your first step towards improvement. 
  • Once you are aware of the errors you made, enlist the hurdles you could not overcome and, therefore, made those mistakes. It could be ineffective time management or silly mistakes because of inattentiveness. 
  • The next step involves the comparison of your exam experience and opinions with that of other candidates. Since you share your dream with so many doctors across the country, it is important to understand the opinions of the majority of the candidates.

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2. A revised timetable

Set new targets and start afresh with an improved timetable. After discovering your weak areas, modify your previous schedule by incorporating the conclusions of your analysis. For instance, if most of your incorrect responses included clinical questions, ensure that you dedicate more time to practicing clinical questions. If one of the obstacles in your way to success was silly mistakes, work on finding out the root cause of the same. For instance, if the culprit behind the silly mistakes is your nervousness, apprehension, or anxiety, take breaks and include in your schedule the activities that help you stay composed. Your in-depth understanding of your weaknesses will bear fruitful results if you use your learnings to modify your timetable the right way.

3. Better study material for bigger dreams

When you aim at reaching the peak of the highest mountains, you must not settle for the training sessions that prepare you to climb the smaller hills. Live your big dream by making the most of reliable study material that is exam-relevant, high-yield, and promises to bring out the best in you. Being a doctor in 2021, you should let technological advancement benefit you and install an education app that makes access to quality content easy.

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4. Mock-tests

One of the most common mistakes made by NEET PG aspirants is practicing less, followed by practicing the wrong way. Your choice of mock-test series should be relevant enough to test your knowledge as required and aptly prepare you for the exam day. Practice multiple choice questions as much as you can because there is no such thing as ‘too much practice’ when it comes to preparing for the NEET PG.

5. A brand new approach to revision

Completing your syllabus well in time won’t yield the outcomes you seek if your revision sessions are not well-planned and well-executed. Revise efficiently so that you don’t miss out on anything and revise it all multiple times. 

PrepLadder has taken the revision process to a whole new level of excellence with the launch of Rapid Revision and Snapshot 3.0. It enables you to revise the syllabi of all 19 subjects multiple times and promises retention as well!

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6. The motivation that takes you a long way 

The right mindset unlocks more doors than you imagine because it all begins with planting the seeds in fertile soil. It is okay to feel overwhelmed, disappointed, and disheartened at times. However, you must be able to rise above all of this and look at the bigger picture. Keeping yourself motivated despite failures and the challenges that come your way is as important as preparing for the exam with the right strategy. Don’t let obstacles make you give up on your dreams, and don’t let demotivation distract you from your target. It is important to remember that the sources of motivation vary, so discover yours and let it help you get through this journey with positivism, hope, and confidence.

Also, you must never underestimate the significance of a healthy diet, frequent breaks, and participation in fun activities. After all, who knows the importance of sound mental health better than a doctor? Ensure that you don’t forget to take care of your physical, mental, and emotional well-being while marching towards your dream.

It’s true that NEET PG 2021 concluded certain chapters, but the ends also mark new beginnings, the ones that will lead you to the destination of your dreams. Recharge yourself with a break, a vacation if you need one, and lots of enthusiasm. And then, make a fresh start by re-analyzing, re-strategizing, and re-orientation. 

All your efforts will help you conquer the highest peak of aspirations only if you seek the guidance of the best resources available. PrepLadder will enable you to bring out the best in yourself by helping you learn from your mistakes, work on your weaknesses, practice the best possible way, and perfect your preparation journey!

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