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How to Prepare for NEET SS Pediatrics in 6 months?

Nov 9, 2017

With just 6 months left for NEET SS 2018, the chaos among the aspirants about the preparation is bouncing high. Generally, a six month period is well suited for preparations provided ‘you don’t count the number of days but make each day count’. This blog will acquaint you with the preparations tips to crack NEET SS exam in 6 months and hence, follow what works best for you. Remember, “The time of action is now and it’s never too late to make things right”.

6 months study strategy for NEET SS Pediatrics

The first and most important tip to crack any competitive exam is effective time management which an art and key to success for many successful candidates. It is not the quantity but the quality matters. Hence, divide the remaining time suitably and put all your efforts to accomplish what you have planned. Since, you have 6 months for the preparation of NEET SS, divide this time into (4+2) months. First 4 months i.e 120 days for studying all the topics and last 2 months i.e 60 days for revision. A minimum of 2 revisions are must before any exam. A topic well read, no matter how clear your concepts are, if not revised, is equal to topic not read. To assist future aspirants, the experts of Team PrepLadder has designed a timetable, expected number of questions and expected time to cover the topics in accordance with the analysis of the latest DNB SS & NEET SS Exam.
Topics/ Chapters Expected no. of questions(Out of 200) Expected no. of days(Out of 120 days)
General Pediatrics: Behaviour & psychiatric disorders, learning disorders, pediatric drug therapy, acutely ill child, positioning, adolescent medicine. 10 10
Growth & Development 12 5
Nutrition + fluid & electrolytes 14 8
Neonatology 20 10
Infectious disease 20 15
Systematic Pediatrics:·        Gastroenterology ·        Cardiology ·        Respiratory ·        Nephrology ·        Hematology ·        CNS 1015 10 10 10 10 42
Miscellaneous( Genetics, metabolic disorders, immunology, allergic diseases, rheumatic diseases, endocrine) 37 15
Recent Advances 5 3
Biostats 5 5
Pediatric·        Dermatology ·        Ophthalmology ·        Ear ·        Environmental Hazards 12 7
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Use Standard Textbook

Cover the important topics from the standard textbook like Nelson text book of Pediatrics in 4 months. Don’t try to read everything. Reading the complete textbooks is not required at all. Start revising even if the subject is 80% complete.

Prepare a revision timetable

Take a notebook and make a note of all the topics you are weak in and prepare your study schedule accordingly, giving more time to the weaker section by keeping them on the top of the list.

Highlight important points

Mark/ highlight the important points. Don’t mark the entire paragraph or sentences. Mark only the keywords. It will speed up your revision.

Use Sticky Notes

You can use sticky notes for retaining the difficult key points, concepts and keywords. Place the sticky notes at the position where they are visible to you for the majority of time.

Use mnemonics to memorize weak topics

Mnemonics serve as a great aid to memorize and retain difficult keywords and points.

Rationalize your Preparation

Another critical step towards your success is to practice and practice. Practice as much as you can both from conventional and online sources. Solve at least one grand test per week. Try to attempt the test between 9 am to 1 pm as this the time allocated for your final exam. Besides text, don’t forget to look at the tables of Nelson, which are equally important from exam point of view.

Final piece of advice from PrepLadder

To have an edge over your competitors, it is always recommended to take subject-wise mock tests besides your preparation. Regular tests practice allows you to validate your preparation and excel over the competitors. Once you are done with your syllabus, spend atleast 2 months to take Grand Tests on All India regularly to improve your shortcomings. Climb one step with each mock test and reach the top of the ladder when you take NEET SS. All the best!! Keep following PrepLadder!!

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