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FMGE Previous Year Questions For Radiology

Jul 20, 2023

FMGE Radiology previous years questions

FMGE Previous Year Questions form a critical learning resource for holistic exam preparation. From helping you identify the high-yield topics that are asked frequently in the exam to enabling you evaluate your preparation, strengths and weaknesses, PYQs act as a key tool. 

To help you make the most of this excellent preparation resource, we have listed all the must-know FMGE previous year questions for radiology in this blog below. Read further and strengthen your FMGE preparation.

FMGE Mock Test

FMGE Previous Year Questions - Radiology

1. A 65 Year old hypertensive pt on irregular medication has headache and a BP220/110 mmhg, CT head is shown below:

CT head with Putaminal Bleed
A. Intraventricular BleedB. Putaminal Bleed
C. Subarachnoid HemorrhageD. Pontine Hemorrhage

Answer: Putaminal Bleed

2. Identify the marked structure on CT Head

Optic Nerve on CT head
A. Optic NerveB. Optic Chiasma
C. Optic TractD. P Superior Ophthalmic Artery

Answer: Optic Nerve

3. Identify the marked structure shown by the arrow?

A. MedullaB. Pons
C. MidbrainD. Spinal Cord

Answer: Midbrain

4. A 45 year old male with heart disease undergoes a chest X- ray, what is the diagnosis?

Prosthetic mitral valve
A. Prosthetic aortic valveB. Prosthetic mitral valve
C. Pericardial calcificationD. Implantable pacemaker

Answer: Prosthetic mitral valve

5. X ray of a 2 year old child is given, what is the possible diagnosis?

A. PneumatosisB. Pneumoperitoneum
C. Subcutaneous EmphysemaD. Duodenal Atresial

Answer: Pneumoperitoneum

6. A 33 year old female presents with fever, weight loss, elevated levels of ACE levelswith hilar lymphadenopathy on x-ray, the most probable diagnosis is?

A. TBB. Sarcoidosis
C. SilicosisD. Small Cell Cancer

Answer: Sarcoidosis

7. Identify the structure being pointed by the arrow?

Portal Vein
A. Hepatic ArteryB. Portal Vein
C. Hepatic VeinD. Inferior Venacava

Answer: Portal Vein

8. A patient met with a RTA, is unconscious and the ct scan does not show any findings except for few petechial hemorrhages, What is the probable diagnosis?

A. Diffuse Axonal InjuryB. Concussion
C. ContusionD. Subarachnoid Haemorrhage

Answer: Diffuse Axonal Injury

9. A Patient with prostrate cancer receives sequential radiotherapy at a dose of 1.8-2.4 Gy for 5 days every week, for 5-7 weeks this is called as?

A. Regular Fractionated RadiotherapyB. Hypofractionated radiotherapy
C. Hyperfractionated RadiotherapyD. Accelerated Radiotherapy

Answer: Regular Fractionated Radiotherapy

10. Prophylactic craniospinal irradiation is done for which cancer

A. SeminomaB. Small cell lung ca
C. Prostrate CancerD. Hodgkins Lymphoma

Answer: Small cell lung ca

11. Identify the pathology on the X-ray given below?

A. HydropneumothoraxB. Pneumothorax
C. HydropneumopericardiumD. Lower lobe pneumonia

Answer: Hydropneumothorax

12. A 35 year old female is a known case of HIV, with CD4 <300, presents with fever, dyspnea, cough and chest x-ray of the patient is given. Most likely diagnosis is:

Miliary TB
A. StaphylococcusB. Streptococcus
C. HistopsmosisD. Miliary TB

Answer: Miliary TB

13. Gold Standard Investigation for FESS is


Answer: CT SCAN

14. A female visits OPD with her 6-week child presenting with vomiting and abdominal pain. X-ray of the infant shows?

Duodenal atresia
A. Jejunal atresiaB. Diaphragmatic hernia
C. Duodenal atresiaD. Pyloric stenosis

Answer: Duodenal atresia

15. Identify the structure marked in the given image?

Lentiform nucleus
A. ThalamusB. Caudate nucleus
C. Lentiform nucleusD. Internal capsule

Answer: Lentiform nucleus

16. A patient presents with hard palpable gall bladder with pain in right hypochondrium. On performing USG following Image was seen. What could be the diagnosis?

Multiple gall stones
A. Multiple gall stonesB. Choledocolithiasis
C. Hydatid cystD. Gall bladder cancer

Answer: Multiple gall stones

17. Which arterial territory is involved on the CT scan image of a patient with Infarct?

Complete MCA
A. Complete MCAB. PCA
C. ACAD. Posterior communicating artery

Answer: Complete MCA

18. Diagnosis

Perthes disease
A. Slipped capital femoral epiphysisB. Perthes disease
C. MyositisD. Meyer’s dysplasia

Answer: Perthes disease

19. Identify the disease shown in the image?

A. ScurvyB. Rickets
C. Osteogenesis ImperfectaD. Achondroplasia

Answer: Rickets

20. A 6-day-old neonate with respiratory distress showed the following findings on the chest X-ray. What is the diagnosis?

Congenital diaphragmatic hernia
A. Congenital cystic adenomatoid malformationB. Bronchogenic cysts
C. Hyaline membrane diseaseD. Congenital diaphragmatic hernia

Answer: Congenital diaphragmatic hernia

21 Identify the diagnosis on Imaging as shown below?

Hydatidiform mole
A. Incomplete moleB. Hydatidiform mole
C. Retained products of conceptionD. PCOD

Answer: Hydatidiform mole

22. A patient with history of TB and prolonged back pain. Diagnosis?

Psoas abscess
A. Psoas abscessB. Perthes disease
C. Inguinal herniaD. Ureterocele

Answer: Psoas abscess

23. The given skull Xray finding is seen in?

Hemolytic anemia
A. Hemolytic anemiaB. Multiple myeloma
C. Increased ICTD. Osteopetrosis

Answer: Hemolytic anemia

24. Identify the pathology on given Barium enema image?

A. Intussusception B. Ulcerative colitis
C. Cecal cancerD. Ileocecal TB

Answer: Intussusception 

25. A 45 year old female came for postsurgery follow up, A CXR was taken what is the most likely diagnosis?

Left sided mastectomy
A. MalignancyB. Fibroadenoma
C. EmphysemaD. Left sided mastectomy

Answer: Left sided mastectomy

26. Identify the given HSG image?

A. BicornuateB. Unicornuate
C. SeptateD. Didelphys

Answer: Unicornuate

27. A female pt with dysphagia, Barium swallow image is shown, what is the likely diagnosis?

Achalasia cardia
A. Diffuse esophageal spasmB. Esophageal cancer
C. Achalasia cardiaD. Esophagitis

Answer: Achalasia cardia

28. A 65 Year old female fell down in the bathroom &sustained head injury, Ct scan was performed, what is likely diagnosis?

Subdural hematoma
A. Extradural hematomaB. Intracranial bleed
C.ThrombosisD.Subdural hematoma

Answer: Subdural hematoma

29. Identify the given IVP image

BL Ureterocele
A. B/L UreteroceleB. Hydronephrosis
C. Staghorn calculiD. Bladder calculi

Answer: B/L Ureterocele

30. What structure is the arrow pointing to 

A. Medial epicondyleB. Trochlea
C. CapitulumD. Olecrenon

Answer: Capitulum

While this blog only covers the previous year's questions for Radiology, we've also crafted an extensive post encompassing FMGE previous year question papers for the past three exams. PDFs of FMGE Previous Year Question papers are also available to help you strengthen your exam readiness.

31. Identify the given Chest Radiograph?

A. PneumothoraxB. Hydropneumothorax
C. Pericardial effusionD. Emphysema

Answer: Pneumothorax

32. Patient with Right Hypochondrial pain, Water Lily Sign is seen on Ultrasound, what is the diagnosis?

A. EntamoebaB. Schistosoma
C. AscariasisD. Hydatid cyst

Answer: Hydatid cyst

Once you are done going through the PYQs above, make sure you also listen to the detailed explanation for all the options by Dr Nikita Nanwani through this video below.

Also, boost your exam preparation by going through the FMGE previous year questions for - 

All the best!

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