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Effective Schedule to Prepare for NEET-PG

Jun 22, 2017

It is the need of hour to commence your preparation with an effective schedule to crack NEET-PG when days are already numbered. While many of you must be putting in a lot of efforts, but smart study plan is like an icing on the cake. It is important to formulate an effective schedule in nick of time to ensure that your preparation is completed on time and sufficient time is left to revise and practice with a view to validate your preparation. Moreover, a definite schedule guarantees that no subject is missed out and you are able to cover such a vast syllabus. Also read: How to study all 19 subjects for NEET PG It is logical that in order to achieve a goal, you need to stick to a schedule and execute it with full determination and dedication. To assist the students who are preparing for PGMEE Entrance exams, PrepLadder after doing meticulous efforts has devised a schedule according to days that stand in need to prepare for a particular subject. Following is the Schedule:

Subject  Distribution of days
Anatomy 8
Physiology 8
Biochemistry 8
Microbiology 8
Pharmacology 8
Pathology 10
Surgery + ENT + Ortho + Anesthesia 20
Medicine + Dermatology 15
Pediatrics 5
Ophthalmology 5
Psychiatry 5
PSM 10
Obstetrics and Gynecology 10
Radiology and Radiotherapy 5
Approximately six months are remaining for NEET-PG exam. According to this schedule, you will be able to complete your preparation in about four months and the remaining time can be utilized for revision and practice to increase your efficacy. You can increase your efficiency and time management skills by practicing PrepLadder's Free subject tests. Moreover, the procrastinators need to devote at least 10-12 hours in a day to ace NEET-PG. Also read: How to compete with those who drop a year for PG entrance exams “You cannot conquer what you are not committed to” Hence, commitment towards your study plan is the key to achieve your dream. Best of Luck!! Keep Following PrepLadder!!
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