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Best Ways To Prepare For Medical PG Entrance Exam

Aug 06, 2021

How to prepare for PGMEE

The Post Graduate Medical Entrance Exam (PGMEE) is an exam held to identify the top candidates for medical postgraduate degree programmes.

The preparation of PG medical entrance exams requires a thorough study of 19 subjects thus making it the nation's most competitive and difficult entrance.

Only a handful of medical aspirants are selected based on the rank secured in the entrance exam. It is difficult to get a seat in a government college, but it is not impossible. In this article, we are revealing some tried and tested secrets directly from the experts to help you ace the exam with flying colours:

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Tried & Tested Secrets from Experts

1. A Clear Understanding of the Syllabus

One needs to understand the standards upon which he/she will be evaluated in the PG medical entrance exam, and what the examiners are looking for in evaluating the desired candidate?

The exam is evaluating how well you learned and understood the subject in your MBBS years and how you applied it during your internship. Thus, the candidate needs to address each question in the exam the same way. Once you understand the intention of the evaluators, you will easily be able to prepare accordingly. By observing NEET PG previous year’s question papers you can understand the essential topics! You need to carefully study the NEET-PG exam pattern, syllabus, marks distribution and weightage of various subjects. Obstetrics and Gynecology in total carry a weightage of 30 marks and thus need to be considered in-depth. Medicine, Dermatology & Psychiatry frame as high as 45 marks and so does Surgery!

2. Set A Timetable

The medical PG aspirants need to keep a track of what they study and how well they are productive. Divide your working hours, studying hours and resting hours to ensure that you do not feel tired, stay refreshed and motivated. Create and stick to an organised timetable according to the weightage of subjects. For instance, Anatomy, Microbiology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Surgery and Medicine constitute more weightage in the NEET-PG exam, thus devote more time to such subjects in your timetable.

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3. Start Early

So many students generally wonder what is the best time to start the preparation. Alas! They fail to realise that they have already done half the preparation while pursuing the MBBS! 

If you were serious during your MBBS and made good notes, half of your work is already done. We recommend you should start with your PG Medical Entrance preparation side by side during your MBBS course. Thus, try to start early preparation and get serious.

4. Subject-wise Mock Test Series

MBBS is indeed the toughest stream to opt for, with more than 700 topics! It is imperative to test your knowledge of topics from time to time. To do that, just enrol for the online mock test series for example PrepLadder, DAMS and Marrow! These tests are so organized that they give you ample time to prepare for a particular topic, for which you will be informed in advance. It not only makes you test ready but also gives you a real-time analysis of where you stand.
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5. Theory and MCQs Rule

To have a strong grip on a topic, follow this tip as it will clear the picture and enhance your retaining capabilities while sharpening your concepts. Plan your studies based on topics and solve MCQs related to the same. It is a golden rule for cracking the PG entrance exam and has a multi-pronged effect. The more MCQs and theories attempted, the more you master the game.

6. Group Study

Group study has proved to be helpful for some medical aspirants. The idea here is to surround yourself with a like-minded bunch of people preparing for the same entrance exam. It will not only help you keep a close eye on your competitor’s preparation strategy but will also encourage you to study harder. The group studies will also act as a doubt clearing session supporting productive discussion.

7. Stay Motivated

Do not get discouraged in the middle of your preparation. It is very easy to get bogged down by pressure or get bored halfway through your preparation, but the best way to overcome this hurdle is to handle every situation calmly, stay motivated and ignore all negativity in your mind. Relax your body and mind with yoga, meditation or any hobby of your choice to make yourself more relaxed and efficient. 

Lastly, plan your preparation smoothly, be honest towards your preparation, say no to excuses, study well, believe in yourself and you will surely crack the PG medical entrance exam

Best Wishes!

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