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How to prepare for NEET PG 2021 at Home?

Jul 08, 2021

Preparatory tips for NEET PG

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test for postgraduate admissions (NEET-PG) is one of the toughest entrance examinations in India to various medical courses. Many traditional and online coaching institutes guide the candidates preparing for this exam. But every candidate may not have the same means and resources to enter a coaching institute. Is it still possible to prepare for NEET PG 2021 at home?

The answer is Yes! It is possible to prepare for NEET PG at home but, you require a lot of dedication and hard work. NEET PG 2021 demands you to revise everything that has been taught to you during the 4.5 years of the MBBS degree. However, if you are not planning to take coaching, stay focused and be ready to put in a lot of effort!  In this blog, we will guide you with the best tips to be exam-ready for the NEET-PG 2021 at home.

Tips to prepare for NEET-PG 

Let’s discuss how you can prepare for NEET PG 2021 at home? These preparation tips have been suggested by toppers and experts and will help you with your preparation strategy

1. Cover the entire syllabus

The first move in NEET PG preparation is going through the whole syllabus. To complete this step you must know topics and sub-topics that are included in the syllabus. Also, you must know which topics with most and least weightage.

Know the paper pattern and marking scheme

NEET PG exam pattern and marking system are critical factors that define your preparation strategy. You can not give a random answer to any question, since the examination follows a negative marking system, -1 mark for every wrong answer! Therefore, stay calm and focused while solving the question paper and try to avoid scoring negatives. 

2. Go through previous years question papers

Now that you know the syllabus and exam pattern, it is high time to understand what kind of questions may be asked by analyzing the previous year's question papers. You can also analyze the kind of questions being asked from different topics. Now, you can prioritize your topics easily by making a list of the topics with more weightage in the question paper.

3. Start with basics

If you wish to get a remarkable score in the exam, you have to go through every topic, thus, it can be hard to get what topics to cover first. Experts suggest that to overcome this problem, you can start with short subjects and basic topics. Because short topics are comparatively easier and will save your time. By completing these subjects you cover approximately 60% of the entire syllabus.

Take mentor's advice 

Preparing for NEET PG at home without coaching is not at all easy. You need an expert educator or a mentor to guide you in the right direction. Seek help from a senior or anyone who knows what NEET-PG is all about.

Also, you can seek subject experts online who are well versed in their field. 

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4. Prepare a practical timetable

When you are at home, it's easy to lose track of time. Preparing a feasible timetable and following it religiously. It will help you from wasting your time and adhering to your study plans daily. Try to devote at least 8 hours a day to your exam preparation.

5. Make notes and highlight important questions

While reading a topic, try to highlight the points that you feel are important and can be asked in the exam.  Also, make notes because this habit will help you save a lot of time during revision. With the help of notes, candidates can memorize and grasp the concepts effortlessly. You can quickly go through the points that are relevant and skip the rest.

6. Take mock tests and test series

Mock tests and sample papers are essential aspects of NEET PG preparation. When you are preparing at your home, register for NEET PG 2021 mock test and test series because it is a must. Do not depend only on the sample papers. Mock tests give you real-time exposure and help improve your speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Target to appear for a minimum of two mock tests every week.

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7. Take lectures for tough topics

You may come across topics that are difficult to understand and you can not resolve them on your own. You have doubts and queries about such tough topics. You can refer to the online video tutorials separately for these hard topics. Always seek help from an expert to clarify your doubts whenever needed.

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8. Regular revision

Follow revision routine religiously. Candidates usually start with revision only after completing the entire syllabus, but this practice is not effective and productive. Devote at least an hour for revision daily. It will keep the preparation wheel moving forward and you can complete a maximum number of revisions by the time you finish the whole syllabus. Therefore, allot time for revision in your timetable.

As a NEET-PG 2021 aspirant, you need to have the right approach and mindset during your preparation at home. You can opt for some online platforms to speed up your preparations because such platforms come in handy as you can modify your schedule and follow it.

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